What are your GOALS for your toon?

I have 3 characters at the moment, and one more I am really just keeping around to hold the name... Uhm, Alexandriuh, alexandruh (no i) and lizbeth.... My goals atm are really just to play what I like when I feel like it, so I am not really going to be requesting any help just yet =] Although, I always love good company!! Alexandruh is a level.. 12? Warrior, and alexandriuh is a level 16 blood elf priest, and lizbeth is a level 8 hunter
Cool, I am pretty much doing that now - playing different stuff right now to get the feel of other classes.

I am now gearing Madiera for Gruul and Adorabull is still working on her healing set (she is over 1200 +heal)
The others I work on when I need a break from them.
Okay, I have a major alt: Victusletum (which is bastardized Latin meaning living death - "I am crucified with Christ...").

My primary goal with him is to learn how to play in Battle Grounds. He's currently level 15 and the next time I'm sure of a couple hours solid to be able to play, I'll head for a Battle Ground.