What are your GOALS for your toon?


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What are your GOALS for, the next two -three month, your toon? Please be somewhat specific, and use your in-game name, so we can help you out getting there. The Officers have suggested that if your toon is a low lvl one let us know.
Example of goals: Erath getting my mount which means grinding for gold and finishing the quests, getting into Outlands, etc...........
We feel that if we know what is needed then we can help y'all out better.
Good question. I'm looking to 1) Have fun and 2) Level to 70 as quickly as possible 3) Become powerful enough to usefully help others in the guild and 4) PvP and run instances occasionally at 70.

To that end, I'm looking for (and have received in the past "thanks Preach!") help in getting quest items that will help me solo more efficiently. My new toy?

Gadzooks! I have too many toons!

Madiera - mage - need to get her to 70 and hope to get her flying mount

Starting on Shalomme - priest - she is in her 20s, need to get her to 40

I have other low level toons, a shaman, druid, below 20 to help others who are also low level. Have a level 16 hunter also.

Let me know what I can do to help!
Madiera, Madeline, Chula, Shamoo, Shalomme, Adorabull

(all my alts, not all are in guild at this time)
Hmm...Originally my BE pally was going to be a level 70 DPS, which is usually looked down upon... But I am continuing my dream with Redeemed at the moment, but that doesn't mean I won't be back...
Gee, YJ, I did correct that. Now all my toons are in guild, except my bank alt.
That should fill out the roster pretty well!
I did it

I got Madiera to 70 and she has her flying mount.

Right now I can't make up my mind whether to level Adorabull or Isabeaux next to 70. I am kinda doing Isabeaux (she is a frost mage) - and Adorabull is a druid, mostly balance but will respec to healer after 50 or so.

So those are next goals. :D

Changed my mind on Shalomme (my priest) - need to research more on that class. And honestly, mages and druids do more damage, and I am all about DPS. heh
(I do know I can do shadow priest, but switching between the priest and mage is too confusing at the moment for me - mage and druid are SO different it is easier to switch between the two.)
Important thing is, have fun. I will tell you that I have a 70 Priest on another server and I normally lead in DPS in pvp. The main difference is, it's massive dps on one target. When a friend shows up... squishie goes squish.
Indeed, I can't recall how many times I have gotten taken out by a priest in BG. My favorite thing about a mage is AOE spells. Makes it easy to farm. LOL:D
Hey Ohio, I have deleted Shamoo - I'm just not interested in playing that class at the moment. Got a full plate already.... just paring down and cleaning house... will let you know if there are any more. (Don't expect any tho. )
Hey Ohio, I have deleted Shamoo - I'm just not interested in playing that class at the moment. Got a full plate already.... just paring down and cleaning house... will let you know if there are any more. (Don't expect any tho. )
It's about time you clean your toons out some.............................LOL :D
Since I don't have large blocks of time in which to raid, I have recently begun to do a lot of PVP in order to get epic gear for Thanastos--the PVP stuff is pretty good! Once I've gotten fitted out with Gladiator's and Vindicators, I'll be looking to do Arena 2v2 or 3v3 or 5v5 if I can find a group who has the time. It'll be a month or two before I'm ready though.

Abomb and Connie are slowly leveling to 70, then flying mounts, then maybe the same pvp strategy with them!
Those welfare epics (BG stuff) are the way to go - they are equivalent to Kara and a little more...

The great part is you don't need to find a bunch of people to help you, they sign up! :D

The flying mount money got to me, grinding for rep can actually help with that - you get greens and other stuff to sell while you are getting rep with a faction. Pretty spiffy!
My end goal is to have all my toons at 70 and well equiped. To that end I am currently working on getting Gernam PVP rewards so just need to do a lot of honor grinding. Same thing with Critforce, and eventually I'll make up my mind which one will be resto and which one will be dps. Other then that I've got my BE hunter to lvl 61 and mostly only play him when I have a friend to play with. I have a lvl 25 druid Gernico that I want to level up and a lvl 37 warlock that I need to level up.

So all my alts start with 'Gern', Critforce is my main. So if anyone has a toon around level 25, 37 or 61 let me know and we can hook up and quest together.
Well, I was on Gernam the other day, doing a lvl 70 quest feeling pretty good about taking on 2 lvl 70 mobs at the same time until a Pally came along. "Watch Me" he says, then he mounts up and runs through and aggros at LEAST 20 of the lvl 70 mobs I was fighting, dismounts and starts throwing down some Aoe's. I was watching his bar, which shows me how much they are hitting him for and I kid you not 80% of the strikes were "miss, parry, dodge..." He was hardly getting hit and takes them all down without even having to heal himself. Then he runs over and takes down a lvl 70 elite by himself. This is the first time I've heard of Aoe grinding and it sure looks useful. So because I don't have enough alts I created a BE Pally named Gernally, she's not in the guild because I don't know if I'll keep her, but if I do my goal is to do what he did. Yes he was Prot spec. I'm just thinking about how much gold you could make doing that, especially with a healer along. So that's my goal, what do you think?
Pallys are truly amazing with AOE and the ability to not take damage and take down a mob of mobs. Mages are the other ones with AOE, but being squishy limits the usefulness.

I have seen pally tanks (and good ones are the most amazing tanks in the game) - and going with something other than tanking will limit your usefulness in raids and instances. But if you are going for pvp, like battlegrounds and the like (arena) prot is the way to go!

Enjoy! :D
Tankadin soloing is a fun part of the game. At 16,600 health, 17,000 armor and over 100% combined mitigation with holy shield up, not many hits get through and you can take on large groups of melee mobs. Caster groups can still tear you up but the majority of mobs in WoW are melee thankfully. From tanking fel reavers in hellfire peninsula to soloing the early instances of the burning crusade it is a fun challenge. It is also fun to scare groups by doing what we have dubbed the "Tebran Pull" over in Redeemed. Tebran being another protection pally that loved to pull 2-3 groups of mobs whenever he could.
Starting sometime this weekend, I will be grinding Bloodsail rep to get the Admiral's Hat, and get the rarest (without a collector's edition or visiting a Blizzard special event) non-combat pet in the game. The Blood Parrot

This page is a write up about what I am planning. As you can see, it's main idea is killing 1800 Booty Bay Bruisers or Booty Bay Elites, getting to Hated by Booty Bay and Friendly with the Bloodsail Buccaneers. At an estimated 30 - 40 mobs per hour, that should take all week. :eek:
Then, I'll turn on my new friends, and kill them to get the Hyacinth Macaw to drop. This parrot is the lowest drop rate for a non-combat pet in the game, so my personal quest is to get the 2 rarest pets in the game this week. I also plan on getting one of my engineers to go Gnomish to get Lil Smokey.

In case you're wondering, I collect the small pets. Currently, I have 44 spread across my characters, include an Alliance-only one on my dwarf, the Sprite Darter. That pet is the only reason I haven't deleted him.

My collection can be seen at Warcraftpets.com :cool:
So far I have just one toon (why toon, why not character?) on the MSC server. I've been playing a couple months, still trying to find my groove.

Kortak is my Tauren Hunter (currently level 13). Immediate goal is to get to lvl 20 and dual wield (dunno why but I dig the dual wield thing). Next, lvl 30 for a mount. Then 40 for mail armor.