[Weekly - W] Now Playing

I was gone the majority of the week between Wednesdays. I left at about 7am on Thursday and got back around 2pm on Tuesday. Coincidentally, ESO had an April Fool's event running... for almost that exact window. My luck.

What gaming I've done in and around that time is a little ESO the last two nights, and some light dabbling in fighting games. Haven't picked one to focus on for the time being, but Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is a strong possibility.
I've been playing Team Fortress 2 for 8 years now! Still loving it! What especially keeps me interested in it all these years is the people you meet while playing! Two of them are your very own Mighty Gerbil and Bird of Pray! Great players make the game even Greater! Viva La Team Fortress 2!

I've been playing Team Fortress 2 for 8 years now! Still loving it! What especially keeps me interested in it all these years is the people you meet while playing!
I hear ya bro,I surpassed 10 years in Eve Online Apr 1st. Yay me (I think)
It's been a couple weeks...

I made it all the way to the big island missions in JC3 before I lost interest. Now I'm back in Skyrim mainly.

I played a round or two of War Thunder just to get a taste. And I bought PUBG to play with my brother on a semi-weekly basis. All in all, still trying to limit my time in competitive multiplayer games to limit my frustration and anger with pointless games.
Still playing Puzzle & Dragons, though less than in months past.

Getting close to clearing the first Palace in Persona 5 soon.

Participating in Tribe of Judah's Team Fortress 2 game nights on Tuesdays when I can, though my younger child's apparent allergy to going to sleep at a reasonable hour continues to drastically reduce my gaming time.

Hoping to get back to Overwatch this next week to finally try playing Brigitte.
I've been........ playing some OW here n there but not really playing anything. I did get HOTS for GW2 but then i was sooooooooooo lost because i did not do the living story mode so I'm finishing that out..... sometime....
Still haven't gamed a ton. Mostly been on Fortnite this week since I can play it and watch (well, mostly listen to) Marvel TV shows at the same time to get the most of those little windows of "time for me to do stuff I enjoy to unwind."

Also dabbled in a few fighting games, mostly Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, but also trying out King of Fighters XIV and wanting to get back into Street Fighter V.

Grabbed D&D Archives from GOG for basically free. Realized I can play ancient games on my laptop, so that's pretty cool. Looking forward to playing Eye of the Beholder.
Haven't had much time for gaming this last week. Working on book 5 of The Wheel of Time series, had a boys campout this last weekend (my brother, his son, my two boys and me) and now am working on building a raised garden box for my wife (also as a place to dump some dirt that resulted from cutting down a tree and removing a stump in our front yard - need to level and replace with grass).

I did manage to squeeze in 2-3 rounds of War Thunder and also played for PUBG for a couple hours with my brother.
Finally cleared the first Palace in Persona 5. Kept dozing off trying to get through all the dialogue and on to the next Palace last night. (That isn't hyperbole or criticism of the game's writing. I was really tired but determined to play Persona 5 last night.)

Some Puzzle & Dragons, as usual.

Played some Overwatch with @BananaGirl this week. Finally got to try Brigitte out. I like her. I think. But I still returned to my first OW love: Pharah. <3

Missed TF2sday this week, I think because of kids or maybe I was just really drowsy. I forget. :|
Fornite. That game is more fun than it has any right to be. Also, Warframe has a new mode that is fantastic. And for mobile, I'm back into gacha land with FFBE. Which they've gotten a ton better about handing out the premium currencies so I'm not anywhere near as pressured to buy things, and this made the experience much better for me, and I've been enjoying it more.
mmm i forgot about mobile..... I've gotten really good with pokemon go. my house is really close to a pokestop and gym and my office has a gym reachable from my desk XD

i played a little bit of fortnite but got pretty bored pretty fast, i'm consistently in the top 10. most everyone in my small group is playing it but I prefer the overwatch, hots, csgo still.
Elite is the only game I've played this last week. Not entirely sure why I'd play another right now. ;)

Played some Mann Vs. Machine Mode in Team Fortress 2! Mann has it been a while. ;) I was with a group of 3 Friends and then some randoms joined to complete the 6 Players needed. We smugly set the settings to a harder mode... man was that a mistake! LOL! We battled Robots for more than an hour and a half but to no avail. We simply couldn't get passed Wave 6/7. We had a good time but just no Victory! Back to Easy Mode for me next time. :p

Got to play Team Fortress 2 during ToJ's TF2sday event this week! Yay!

Been playing more Puzzle & Dragons lately, largely because of new content and events.

Played a little bit of Persona 5, though I may backtrack a little bit to see if I can get a higher score on midterms. :X