[Weekly - F/Sa] Week In Review

So, I'm now living in Spokane, WA. Two weeks ago, we moved from Grand Rapids by car. Took nearly a full week because baby.
Laughed out loud. Oh my word, I can relate.
So I'm 2 days late posting, but I'm not exactly known for my punctuality any more.

Last week was slightly less crazy busy at work, though not by much. Balancing hardware refresh and working tickets continues to trouble me, but I think I have a better grip on it now. I'm winding down one phase of the refresh and getting ready to start the next, so there's a very short (read: 1-3 days) lull in the action.

On Saturday, @Ember and the kids and I got to visit old friends who were driving through and meet them for lunch and a short visit to a local library. Ember and I have 2 daughters and my friend and her husband have 2 sons, so it was interesting to see the comparison. All the children were very active and sometimes loud (yes, even in the library, but we were in the kids section where those types of shenanigans are more or less tolerated).

Bowled on Wednesday. Managed to break 100 in one of the games, but Ember beat me rather soundly. 'Twas fun and a great opportunity to try out our shiny new bowling shoes (which we bought to dodge the rental fee after Ember bought "Kids Bowl Free" passes for the summer).

All in all, life is still tiring, still demanding, and still blessed. :)

Work has been crazy go nuts this last month as balancing hardware refresh and a ticket queue proves exceedingly difficult.

I used to have time on breaks and while waiting for tasks to complete (e.g. software to install, computers to image, etc.) to check the forums and respond, but not lately.

The family is doing well, though my poor wife @Ember has suffered ailment after ailment lately. Upper respiratory infection, a lingering cough, possible asthma or allergies, waking up with severe eye pain, and more. :(

And other stuff. Life is mostly clinging tenaciously to my sanity at work and keeping my children from burning down my house. They're wonderful kids--sweet, kind, charming--but oh my word are they a lot of work. As all children are, I assume.

So yep. That was my week in a nutshell.
A day late. Maybe a dollar short. I'unno.

Every morning this week was spent working on making a barn stall usable for goats and (re-)building a fence for the adjoining corral for them. Hard work made harder by the fact that we have a kiddo who tends not to want to stay outside for prolonged periods.

Yesterday, during such work, I got bit by a wasp for the first time. My wife was really worried I'd have an allergic reaction since I've never actually been hit by one before, but turned out fine. Those things are jerks, though. Hurts on impact...then keeps hurting for a bit. Lowkey hurt compared to other things, but still angering. lol

Contacted a church about a full-time "next gen pastor" position. Probably a situation where I'd be biting off more than I could chew, so even if given an interview, I may not want to pursue that particular gig. Also applied for a full-time position at Eastern Washington University doing...basically the same tech work I was doing at the seminary. Pays a lot better, though.

So yeah. Super busy. Relatives are constantly in and out of here. Still getting everything transferred over to the state (licenses, insurance, that stuff).
Work was crazy busy this last week. Again. Not sure how I'm going to replace all the laptops on my list before the deadline without working overtime, which likely won't be allowed for budgetary reasons. Trying to not let it stress me out or affect me hours, but it's rough, y'know? I'm the kind of person who likes to throw myself in to one task and focus on it intently. Having to juggle a ticket queue AND a hardware refresh AND an upcoming mini-project is weighing on me and I don't care for it.

Home life is good, though it's always a challenge for two adults working full-time to raise two young (and very demanding) children and still keep their house in some semblance of order. I think we've conceded that "semblance of order" is too tall a task, but the kids still love us and we love them. Would be nice if we could have it all, though: Full-time jobs done with a smile, Pinterest-inspired meals and crafts, and flawless parenting styles. But we can't. And we don't. And we're grateful God gives us grace. Abundantly.

School and Wednesday night classes at church start soon for the older child and, awful as this may sound, I'm dreading the change. Summer keeps us busy enough; I don't feel like I'm ready for the onslaught of new stuff without having a night or two during the week to relax even slightly. Please be praying for strength for me and @Ember.

All in all, life is still good, though packed (to the gills). We are blessed. <3
Late again, but such is the way it goes sometimes.

Last week was A Very Bad Week(R). Week started off with my boss (former boss, current guy I answered to when doing contract work) dying. He was one of my closest friends and Guys I Look Up To(TM). Surprised everyone.

In his absence, I put out some fires remotely. Things that needed immediate working for the seminary, and I was still The Guy for it.

Meanwhile, we continued work on the barn, struggled with whether or not we'd move back to Grand Rapids to take the now-open position, and so on.

We decided we're not moving back, but yesterday, I was flown out to Grand Rapids to be here for the funeral (in a couple hours) and a full work week to help prep for transitioning.

So yeah. That's the short of it.
Been a full week and sadly too busy of one.

I live in a college town and volunteer with our college ministry team. This was one of the few years I wasn't able to help being on campus but had to work most of the time. Its also sad because the town has traffic and bad drivers again, aka 20,0000 students, aka most of the parents who drive in seattle are in town for the week too. Been too scared to drive on my motorcycle because of it.

Its been a rough week overall though. We're kind of getting control of our bills but I've been really challenged on tithing and even read some things that really make me question it (in a new covenant vs old covenant idealogy).

I did have a good week in terms of promoting my business but I still can't help but feel that in some ways, I'm doing it wrong. I know building a business takes time but I'm nearly done with my second year and hoping that I can really get it moving more so than it has.

Tested out hiring some VAs and that has been a stretch financially. Even though they are located in the Philippines and I'm paying about $3.75/hr, they are a bit unskilled (which is still workable) but an additional $20/week'sh for workers is still a stretch even that this point.
This last week was about as hectic as it's been in the last 2 years at work. Friday was a hardware refresh deadline and I turned in far fewer devices than I had originally hoped to turn in. I focused on the deadline, so the tickets piled up and this next week will be split between continuing the hardware refresh and ticket queue damage control. I'm hoping and praying that our team will have a chance to catch our breath between the end of this wave of hardware refresh and whatever project crops up next.

The younger child is still not sleeping through the night, but she's so darn cute and charming that I can't stay upset (though my wife and I do stay tired). We'll get through this season (I assume), but it's certainly taking its toll.

Last Sunday, we discovered a wet spot on our carpet near the kitchen, called out a plumber (and paid the premium for a Sunday visit), then got hit with a surprise "diagnostic" fee after he identified the issue as the dishwasher and told us his company doesn't work on dishwashers. I was still stunned by the total cost of the visit and wrote out the check, but I called the company on Monday and spoke with a general manager who said he'd send me a refund for the diagnostic portion of the bill. (I'm still waiting on that check.) We then scrambled to find and schedule a dishwasher repair, which finally took place on Wednesday. The dishwasher is fixed (and, ouch, did it cost), but this could be only the beginning. We need to have an expert come out and assess the damage to the floor boards, carpet, and padding then decide if and how we're going to replace the damaged materials. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Home ownership is a trap.

Still grateful that the family is in relatively good health, though. Hoping to get back to physical therapy for chronic pain issues soon. Glad to be part of a great church that preaches the Word of God faithfully. But also dreading how much it's going to cost to fix the damage that leaking water from the dishwasher did to our home.
I AM THE DISHWASHER!!! And I don't leak, except for a little occasional blood. At least not quit yet.
Admittedly im a bit late but also pretty discouraged.

We're kind of having second thoughts on the church we've been at for 10 years. even tithing is kind of a struggle amidst financial difficulty.

Also wondering and reconsidering job/biz stuff, but having a hard time hearing from God.

I look at other marketers and see them so passionate about their biz... I know I can do more but I feel like I haven't been organized enough or charged enough to get to where we need to be.
D'oh, late again to a weekly thread. By this time, the day requirement is more of a suggestion than a hard and fast rule, right?


Last week was yet another hectic week at work ending in a hard deadline for hardware refresh. I didn't get in as many devices as I'd hoped, but I at least added to the total number. Now I'm able to divide my time between the ticket queue and hardware refresh much more evenly.

In other news, my children are still totes adorbs and super high maintenance. And they exhaust me. And I adore them.
Admittedly im a bit late but also pretty discouraged
Hang in there!

I've been around long enough to say with confidence that you're working hard. Nevertheless, you, along with every fellow follower of Christ, is 100% dependent on God for all we have and all we are.

I've discovered from hard personal experience that God does not spare us from all conflict or suffering, but the Bible is trustworthy and tells us to lean on Him. I can't speak for others, but that's an exceptionally difficult instruction when so much within me just wants to sprint off the starting line and see how far I can get in my own strength before I "resort" to prayer and relying on God.

I know I'm not saying anything new, but I just wanted to reassure you that difficult times are not necessarily a sign of God's disfavor. Stay the course, remain true to what you know rather than what you feel, and you'll emerge that much more like Christ through the experience.
i feel like this guy:
2 Samuel 23:10
but Eleazar stood his ground and struck down the Philistines till his hand grew tired and froze to the sword. The LORD brought about a great victory that day. The troops returned to Eleazar, but only to strip the dead.

but..... the sword is my keyboard XD
Return of the thread, return of the thread, return of the thread, you know that I'll be...read?


So this was a short work week, but I was on call. Fortunately, so far, praise be to God, I haven't been called in. My on call shift ends early Monday morning, so there's still some time left.

Thanksgiving was a (somewhat) relaxing and definitely tasty holiday. My wife and I spend a few hours on our computer yesterday. She worked on Christmas cards and I worked on Christmas shopping. I'm done except figuring out what I'm getting for @Ember or what we're getting for each other.

Spent more money on games this week than I care to admit. The latest purchases were Persona 5 for the PS3 ($25 online, so I finally caved) and a Logitech M720 wireless mouse for general use and maybe gaming. We'll see. Also picked up a copy of Mario Kart 7 for my wife for $20. Considered buying Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for $15 and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for $29, but decided I'd already spent enough on games. Gotta stop somewhere!

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving holiday!
it's mid week but i haven't posed in this one for a while.

it's been rough lately trying to catch up. Took on too many clients and have had a couple of bad eggs that when i do make mistakes there is a bigger perceived issue by clients.

i am starting to have monthly meetings with a former SaaS IBM sales guy and that is helping. I'm looking at becoming a Microsoft partner to try and big some bigger clients.

even though it could hurt me financially I did turn down a client who I've worked with for a year. They have a large npo outfit, but they aren't interested in growing and keeping status quo is actually creating more drama. So i said i would love to work with them in the future but the contract needs to be bigger to actually help them grow.

i just keep praying I'm making the right decisions and able to financially keep up with my bills and actually spend time with our new baby. We figured we can reference him as, HeavyArms.

for a premiee, he has gained weight like a champ and doctors are slightly worried that we might be over feeding XD

everyone keeps saying to treasure this time, and i am as best as i can. It's just hard to get enough sleep and do finances until wife goes back to work.... But then I'm Mr. Mom 60% time so we'll see how that goes.

sorry for rambling and thanks for listening. It's hard not having IRL friends who can understand business or even really service tech industry. Most of my business friends are early in the game or hugely different niches, E.G. Golf driving range and hair salon. That and none of them are huge successes so it's hard to get encouraged or inspired as I'm really trying to build a 100+ employee business (my bhag)
So I keep thinking work is going to slow down at some point, but it hasn't. Since, like, October. -_- I try to leave work stuff at work, but sometimes it's hard not to bring that baggage home.

Winter is time for kiddos to get sick and my little ones are no exception. The older child had a nasty cough, so we took her to the pediatrician and got an antibiotic. She has since recovered. The younger child started in on a fever this weekend, so we may be back at the pediatrician's office before the week is out. Winter: not my favorite season.

As we're getting back in to the usual routine (5-day work weeks for me, back to school for the older child, extracurricular stuff for both kids, etc.), I feel like winter break was just way too short. But back to the grind we go!
Last week was a blur. Work stayed crazy busy. Tried to cram 2 work days in to one on Friday and ended up clocking out half an hour late and still leaving work to do on computers I'd just installed.

Everyone was (relatively) healthy last week until my wife came down with the flu on Friday and it hit full force on Saturday. She's still recovering.

Our church services were canceled on Sunday, which makes (I think) the third Sunday in a row that we've missed (having missed previous Sundays due to illness).

I'm just so ready for winter to be over and work to be sane again. X|
I'm pretty tired. We've been working on becoming morning people, blech.

Working on a lot of projects and just wanting it to be over. Wanting to drop down to a manageable level.

Getting a lot of reading done in the mornings though. Reading George MacDonald and Rob Bell together, its been interesting and good :)
Having a wife with Alzheimer's compounded with anxiety and depression can be very tiring and distracting. However there are many benefits to me, one of which is practice of the Fruts of the Spirit.
Slowly regaining momentum again to continue learning who I am again as well as getting things done in preparation for the start of my motivational speaking business. (I have GOT to start making that greenstuff to get internet back in the apartment!)
Planning on making sure Friday's verse and message are done on Thursday for a quick copy/paste to the forum. Thank God I have a really nice smartphone now! (A gift that was a great blessing!)
Working through still becoming a morning person. This week has been better and the weekend was more relaxing than I feel liike it should have been but I actually feel pretty refreshed by it.

Hoping to launch a software product this month but my programmer has pretty bad SAD so im not sure what to expect. more just praying for him to be okay going through this process and to lean more on God.

Been good though, working through See You At the Top By Zig Ziglar and its been really encouraging. Also Reading The Hope of The Gospel by George Macdonald and that has been amazing to work through too!

This work week was less busy than previous weeks, but still busy enough. One of our team members recently took another job and left and another was hospitalized and is still out sick, so we've been stretched very thin.

My children are still healthy, cute, sweet, charming little tornadoes. The never-ending war against clutter rages on, though we've lost considerable territory to our children.

The Olympics have started so @Ember has claimed our television for 2 weeks or however long this lasts. It's a good time to own a Nintendo Switch. I have to admit it was cool to watch a unified Korean olympic team enter the opening ceremony tonight, though.
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