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If you want to save some time downloading any of the custom maps on our TF2 server they may be downloaded and pre-installed from this link. The .bsp file is the one you want but if there is no .bsp you'll need to download the .bz2 and extract the raw .bsp before placing it in the correct directory. The correct directory should be something like D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\download\maps on your computer depending on where you installed Steam.

The free and wonderful 7zip decompression software is available here if you need something to decompress .bz2 or .7z files.

If you want every map a map pack is available here (currently outdated though) in either .7z or .zip format, courtesy of Toj's Mastermind.
Danny has also created a script that should download every map on our redirect here .

If you'd like to request a map or want one installed let me know :) .
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