Script for pre-downloading all custom maps


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The sticky thread in this forum for pre-downloading maps does not have an up-to-date link for downloading the full pack.

Downloading and unzipping one by one seemed like quite the chore, so I wrote a PowerShell script to do it.

Features so far:
  • Auto-detect Steam installation and TF2 download map folder (you can manually browse for it if it fails)
  • Compares download server map list with local maps to avoid unnecessary downloads
  • Provides stats on your number of maps and maps to download from server before letting you decide to continue
  • Downloads each .bsp map file to your TF2 download maps folder
  • Decompresses .bsp.bz2 files to maps folder and cleans up the zipped file

Still to do:
  • Parse Steam library files to auto discover TF2 if you have set up multiple Steam library folders and don't have TF2 installed in the same one as the Steam application
  • Actually implement the -Url and -Path parameters that are in the readme file and add a -NonInteractive parameter so people could use this in automated scripts
  • Anything YOU find :)
When you run it and it asks for the download URL, our server would be
When I downloaded our maps, it downloaded 533 files for a total of 13.7 GB and took 2 hours, 21 minutes, and 46 seconds.

It doesn't require 7zip or anything but a moderately recent version of PowerShell on your computer. I've only tested on Windows 10 at this point. XP is probably out of luck. Need a volunteer for Windows 7. I'd love to have some of you try it out and give me feedback. If this thing is working well for folks, we could update the sticky.
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o_O, o_O, O.O. WOWSERS! Now I wish I had cleaned out the maps by now. Only a fraction of the maps are routinely played. Though whenever I do clear out maps there is always someone who wants something I deleted XD. I also usually put up the better new maps that are updated/released on . I'd test this but I don't have the space for every map on our server. I can get rid of my ye old map pack and direct people here.

Thanks Danny! :)