The person below me part two....

Odale was not ninjaed into the Redeemed WoW guild.

I do not know what you are talking about.

The person below me is as confused as I am!
False. I know the whole story...I think. =P

The person below me has leftovers for lunch...but they didn't make them. ^_^
True! I was waiting for someone to bring this thing back to life. =P

The person below me is now missing one tooth. =( (Boo for getting a cavity on a wisdom tooth and having to get it pulled out...good thing the root wasn't deep)
tralse, I broke a front one but the dentist made it look good as new!

The person below me wants an apple tree in the backyard to sit under with her computer and play games outside!
False. Although I do have a hankerin for a good ole Coney Island Nathan's hot dog and fries.

The person below me is encouraging semi active warhammer players to read this sticky thread. [thread]32273[/thread] :)
I don't think I'll ever be orange...just don't like that color of clothing...or skin?

The person below me still plays WAR.