The person below me part two....

True! Though it was still cold from what I heard others near me say.

The person below me will post something interesting.
True-ish. I went home to Philly for the weekend and took my backpack with a few clothes, my phone and bluetooth headset chargers, my Nintendo DS, and netbook. I drove home to VA yesterday and when I got into my apartment, I went to plug in my phone to charge it and realized I had left if my whole backpack in Philly. I called my mom and she said that she'd meet me halfway between Philly and Fairfax at a rest stop (I told her to meet me there since I knew the route between Philly and Fairfax pretty well). Drove a total of about 8-9 hours because there was tons of traffic heading back north. I was tired and kicking myself for forgetting the one thing I brought home. -_-

The person below me really didn't want to wake up this morning.
Wow that sucks.

False, I got to sleep in this morning.

The person below me is doing something right now!
True....reading this thread!

The person below me is excited that is will be warm today (72F) but sad its going to snow on Thursday and Friday in the forcast.
False. It is going to be in the low 80's today, then we are suppose to hit low 90's by Wednesday and Thursday. I would LOVE the snow for a change.

The person below me has been out of town attending a wonderful wedding.
False. I haven't gotten any wedding invitations since my initial round of invitations. I wonder how long it's going to be until I get my next and who's wedding it will be. =)

The person below me likes to attend weddings.
True, if you count me marrying my hubby. :) False if you mean actually performing a wedding. :)

The person below me just finished eating dinner/supper.
False. I did that a couple of hours ago. =)

The person below me is ready for the April showers to go away, but appreciates how green everything has gotten thanks to the showers. =)
Green? hasn't done that yet.

The person below me found a tree beside their house as tall as they are, that they didn't even know was there, and wonders if they spend too much time indoors.
False. All the trees around my apartment are taller than me (most things/people are) since I got here and I don't believe my leasing office has done any landscaping this Spring.

The person below me is dreading a full onslaught of allergies in the days to come with Spring arriving. X_x
False, in Atlanta the time when all the roads turn a yellowish-green color have come and gone... and besides.. it doesn't affect me!

The person below me lives somewhere where their streets turn yellowy-green from pollen.
False...but I don't know what it's like down here in the Spring yet. =\

The person below me is excited to finally have temperatures in the 80s. ^_^
True, but now it's hailing outside... I doubt it's in the 80's now.... SPRING IS HERE!!! :D

The person below me has been hailed upon recently!
False. And that's always a good thing. I can't really remember the last time I've been hailed on....

Are we the only ones dominating this thread? o_O

The person below me is ready for the next few days of summer weather here on the East Coast. ^_^
False...I should check up on that though...see where all the awesome Penn State players went. =D

The person below me is not happy that the Flyers lost to the Penguins and are now out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. =(

The person below me has a presentation due tomorrow and cannot be distracted with all this sports stuff!
Hahaha False. I do not miss the days of final presentations with groups of slackers or final exams...or exams. Quite content in the working world. =)

The person below me can't wait for the relief from allergies to begin.