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NOTE: The Tribe of Judah Minecraft server was shut down on August 25, 2022.

Welcome to the Minecraft chapter of ToJ!

We're excited to know that you're interested in joining our friendly little server!
This thread has all the information you need to get started.

Server "Whitelist"
To join you will have to get "whitelisted" to gain access to the main world as well as various member features. Below is a button that will lead you to the whitelist thread.
Tribe of Judah MC - Member Registration

MC Server IP Address
Listed below are the addresses to get into the server.

blsimpson's General Information

This thread was made a while ago and has some other information along with what is listed in Member Registration
blsimpson - General Information Thread

Server Issue Thread
As we've changed a lot of our plugins there are many issues that have happened. If you experience anything that may not be right please add a reply.
Tribe Of Judah MC - Issue Report Thread

SkyBlock Threads
Avid player of SkyBlock? These threads have information that is very useful to young and veteran players alike!
Tribe Of Judah MC - SkyBlock CustomOre Thread

We hope to see you wandering the endless world with us.
See You There!

-ToJ MC Leadership & Administration
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