Team Fortress 2 Tips 'n Tricks?

Step 1: Find the Pyro with the highest score on your team.
Step 2: Build Ubercharge
Step 3: Activate Ubercharge
Step 4: Decimate enemy

As stated in other threads, my top class pick is Medic, but I've had a few killing streaks (one totaling 18 kills) as Pyro. I am well aware of the pwnination that is Medic X Pyro.

(Medic X Pyro is the same as Medic/Pyro or Medic+Pyro. I picked up the Character X Character thing on the AnimeSuki forums.)
the whole part about how to use the needle gun right is based on the fact that may teammates you may hook up with don't know to always check their backs and you can find yourself being put in a pinch if they aren't protecting you. So, be ready to defend yourself cuz when your partner dies and they will at some point, you will find yourself deep in enemy territory and alone.
re: Pyro ubercharge...pulled off one of those last night, very devastating. Teaming with a pyro before the uber is built, though, doesn't work as well due to Pyros' suicidal nature. :/

Another tip: when teaming with a medic to build an uber before a round starts, do your rocket or grenade jumps while standing in front of the supply cabinet. You'll never have to hit reload and you'll be able to build up the uber faster that way.

Also, soldiers seem to be able to build up ubers faster than demomen. A demo's pipe does more damage than a rocket, but you can fire rockets more often.
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Several Tips per map:

As an engi on any map check for ammo box respawn areas on the your dispenser next to it and your sentry in front of you while standing on that respawn. This will allow you to regain ammo/metal for building even quicker than normal. If you happen to get a kill while building and are still in need of metal be sure to grab the weapon of the person you killed = easy +100 metal. Also, be sure to put a teleporter up ASAP for your teammates to spawn and get back into the action quickly. Build your porter near respawn areas (you need to learn these per map, and per cap point), and be sure to destroy\rebuild in new areas as your team progresses forwards.

As a soldier (or some other classes) on the new well map (it has the trains that go through the middle that can kill you if you aren't careful) watch for enemies dodging behind the non-moving train cars. You can rocket\grenade\shoot under the train at their feet and do some damage or even kill them. Engi's who are newer to playing tend to build behind these, hoping to catch their enemies off-guard coming around the train...blow their stuff up from under the train and watch as the engi's face grows really red.

When playing a soldier on a point capture map you don't have the luxury to sit at the start in front of a supply cabinet to help the medic build his ubercharge. Run out of the gates with the medic healing and rocket jump to your first destination...allow your rockets to propel you forward in the air though to keep in stride with your normal running speed and crouch jump when rocketing at your feet. The falling damage you take from jumping to a greater height increases the amount of healing taken and thus the Ubercharge is built faster.

Take special note that when teaming with a medic, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your medic is protected at all times!! Watch your flanks as much as you do in front of you. Keep track of what your medic is doing and where he\she is going. Communication is key during a medic + combo.

When facing an incoming UBERCHARGED combo, utilize your explosives (assuming you are demo or soldier) to try and seperate the medic from the charged person. If you can get the medic knocked far enough away from the charged person the charge will drop allowing you to take out that target. Also use this method to slow their progression if the are coming to take a point...(i.e. the bridge that leads to the last point in Dustbowl, knock them off of it with explosives)'s an excellent video on how to play The Pyro from the same guy. Some cool Pyro decimation for all those who say the Pyro sucks. ;)
Try and memorize your weapon rotation order. I'm still working on this, and it's annoying playing solly, emptying your clip of rockets, then trying to change to your shotgun but end up pulling our trench shovel instead. :p

Bind keys to your primary/secondary weapons near your regular keys or remember which direction you need to rotate on your mouse wheel.
(Since I play them the most...) Pyro tips:

When setting people on fire, blaze them, then run away while firing the shotty. This usually kills off spies and other weak classes easily.

Always fire at windows/at the CP from under it (Badlands) to hopefully set someone on fire.

You CAN take out a level 3 sentry if it doesn't have another one backing it up. (with Engi wrenching it) You press WA or WD to circle around it while firing beforehand, and since you're close to it, your flame does more damage + Engi will either run or die in flames. By the time you reach red HP, it should be down. Better though if you don't jump and have an uber. But I usually take them down 80% of the time by myself.

If you think it's a spy. It is.

Dodge diagonally when going head to head against a Soldier. (Not that you should.) You should be able to dodge his missiles since it's a small firing radius if your right against him.

Cut people off. If you see them going one way, they usually are. Hide behind the corner and when they run past, make sure you BBQ them. ;D

Use your shotgun. Really. It's a good weapon at mid-long ranges.

ALWAYS taunt over dead spies. It's the best. (Well, my custom anyways.)

With screwy hitboxes and both you and your target running diagonally, aim AHEAD (leading) of them by a little bit, it helps catch them on fire.

When facing another Pyro, ALWAYS backpedal with your flamer. By the time your at red HP, he should be dead since his flamer will have shorter range when running forward. And use your shotty when your too far apart for the flamer.
As a pyro if you see a soldier, and you aren't right on top of him, run away. Any decent soldier (like Elihu) will be able to juggle you till you die and never let you get within range of the flamethrower. It's quite easy to do if you know how to aim the rockets well.
And for sentries, without off hand grenades, you can't really "solo" a sentry anymore...

As a scout if the sentry's not up against a wall, you can circle-strafe it and take it down no problem, even with your bat. The sentry cannot track you because you move so fast. I've seen one of the guys on my current clan, [FDG]Sundae take down a level 3 sentry by himself with just a bat.
If you know Gerbil is on the opposing team, always go Pyro. Same for Tek. :p

As a Heavy, always aim for one target. If you aim for a crowd, you won't hit anything.
And for the love of pete if you're aiming for one target, make it a MEDIC!

Speaking of medics, when you're ubering a heavy or solly to help take out a sentry, make sure YOU walk out first. That way the sentry fires at you and the soldier/heavy won't have to worry about knockback and they can take that sentry out much quicker.
" polite, be efficient. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet..."

and take note, the snipe shoots the medic first... sorry tek, but I'm aiming at you every time...

BOOM!!! Headshot...
and take note, the snipe shoots the medic first... sorry tek, but I'm aiming at you every time...

BOOM!!! Headshot...
We poor Medics get picked on so much. ;_;
This may seem obvious but it happens all the time when im playing demo. When you see a demo disappear around a corner....its not the best idea to follow him, most likely he has stickies setup.

As a demo you are kinda week against pyros and scouts because they can get close to you and it is hard to kill them. When ever I get chased by a pyro i shoot stickes straight down and then blow them up immediately. Kills them and usually you can find some health before you die.

Demomen are the best for taking out sentries solo IMO. If you put 3-4 stickes by an unguarded sentry you can kill it.

Also as a demo you can separate and uber if you put down a bunch of stickies and the medic walks over them as you are detonating them.

Thats all i have for now hope it helps some of you all.
If you are a demo or soldier and have a medic healing you as you attempt to take out multiple enemies, please, please, please do not rocket jump without letting the medic know. The last couple of times i have been on I have been healing a soldier only to have him rocket jump to a vantage point and leave me alone in a crowd full of opposing players.

Be nice to your medics and let them know you care by not leaving them to die after an uber charge.

Oh and second and an obvious one be careful about healing just anyone. You will be much more effective if you take a quick look at the team boards and find out is leading the score count and give them a hand and be purposeful in targeting your major healing efforts and ubers. i know this is harsh but the fact is that you will frequently be the only healer on your side and therefore the role you play has to be of the most benifit to your team.

And finally as a medic at the beginning of a round try to be the last to deploy your uber. Most medics hit the uber the moment that the count hits zero. If you delay for as long as possibe without you or your mark dying you will have the advantage in taking the other medic/other combos out. I know it is a simple one that everybody knows but hey if your new there it is.

Oh I just thought of another. On gravel pit, and others, be aware of where the opposing team is up to and change classes to match theirprogression. I know that I tend to change from medic and then to sniper as the opposing team reaches the last point, and then finally to heavy or soldier when all seems lost (generally at this point you have lost anyway and I just do it for the fun of it).
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Heres a tip for medics, as Tek said earlier in the thread, as a medic you're a priority target for good spies, but heres something you may not know. If you have the medic milestone one achievement and have the Blutsager, shoot team mates with it from time to time, if you get healed from it and see littles green crosses coming out of them, they're a spy.
My updated Pyro tips:

A sweet little combo that I use against the lighter classes is a quick stream of flames, Compression Blast (only Flamethrower), quick switch to shotty and blast 2-3 times, that usually kills many classes. Doing this move will A) mess up their aim B) give you time to get some room, C) push Spies away from targets, D) look cool. So that's LeftClick > RightClick > Q > Leftclick x2-3. If that doesn't kill them, the afterburn will. When it comes to a Heavy, I do the same, but AS SOON as he spins up, I jump. Why? This will push me back when he fires, lessening the damage HE does, and gives you a chance to escape with his health ticking away. But about 60% of the time you will die if your too close, so be wary of that.

If you have the Flamethrower, stop what you're doing and push ubers that could wreck your defense. Don't worry about killing that one enemy, just push that Ubered-Pyro/Demo away, or even push his Medic. That gives your Sentries some nice room to knock them back further. And make sure to A) push stickies away from the Cart/CP's. This will help tons. You can also "juggle" folks in the air or push them infront of friendly Sentries. It's always fun to do that, but watch your ammo.

The Airblast can reflect every OTHER rocket, so time it right. The reflection area has plenty of reach, so you could still reflect plenty of rockets without getting in front of them. And make sure to always aim your cursor where you want the rocket to go. The rocket could come above you to your right, but you could shoot it back behind the soldier at his medic's feet, dealing some decent damage. Grenades from the Demo's primary are a bit trickier, so aim higher so it lobs it back. Stickies are 50-50 when in tthe air, so worry about pushing them on the ground. You can also reflect Flare gun shots and Sentry gun shots.

Use the Axt sparingly. It's very awesome, but you'll end up dieing a lot if you're not careful.


When you have that delicious Sandvich, you can hear the funny taunts by doing this--

Press G to taunt.
Immediately open your voice commands and say something. (Like Z+2 for "Thanks")
When done right, you'll here him talk to the Sandvich after he eats it. o_o


When firing, it's usually good to jump before you do. This will angle your rockets better at their feet, increasing your damage. Plus if you're facing off against another Soldier/Demo, you could propel yourself in the direction you want to go, throwing them off.

If you're past setup time, help build ubers for your medic by firing at walls next to you. But don't stand around doing it, make sure to be on the move. And save some ammo for later! :p