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I didn't really see any other place for this so I'm seeing if anyone else has dabbled in this game.

Free to Play MOBA from HiRez. What I really enjoy about this game is that all abilities are skill shots, some are AOE but you still have to place it properly. I come from a long line of FPS (QuakeWorld) and this 3rd person style has got me hooked. I used to be an avid LoL player and this has drawn my attention even more. I like that you can't see behind you and that "ganks" are fo reelz!

It's still in beta and they have a great package deal going for around $30 you can get the "ultimate god pack". Which unlocks all characters current and yet to be released until the beta is closed. We talking less than $1 per character at this point.

Whats really nice is that its totally skill based. You can duel or even 2v1 (if you are good at dodging and prediction) against higher damage dealers than yourself and come out victorious. Literally outplayed.

Whats also cool is that you can save up points to buy skins. Certain ones are only pay for skins, but its nice to know that you can change the look of your favorite characters by just saving up.

I'm sitting at level 20 currently. PartTimePlayer if anyone is interested.
Of all the MOBA games (and there is a flood of MOBAs in the last 2-3 years), this one interests me the most because it's more skill-based (and the SMITE community, to my knowledge, doesn't have the awful reputation of the LoL community).

Unfortunately, there are too many other games I play and too few hours in the day. :(

But I'll try to remember to install it on my laptop and see how it runs some time soon. (My desktop computer is hooked up to my 46" HDTV, which is not conducive to MOBA or RTS games.)
I was talking with a bunch of friends about this the last couple of days. I'm definitely gonna grab it and give it a go. I have friends in both the LoL and DotA camps, but most of them on either side are at least somewhat interested in SMITE.

I'll definitely add you once I get it going. :D
Okay. I've installed the game and played the basic tutorial and a solo joust match. Love it so far. It feels every bit a MOBA, but it also feels fun to play. I can't say that I've really considered LoL/Dota especially fun before. The action-RPG combat feel helps me a lot. I have a hard time with the click fest of LoL/Dota, and even harder time with map manipulation. This is a lot easier to play for me in that sense, and I'm quite happy with the difference.

Sent you a friend request, by the way. :D I am, like most places, KendrikTheRed.
Excellent! Accepted!

I was pulled in for the same reason. I'm horrible at map manipulation. I play LOL with a locked camera, and everyone I play with said thats a horrible idea. I tell them I do it because the game is too easy :p
Skill shots too stronk!

I've been watching a streamer/youtuber by the name of DryBear. He's pretty family friendly for the most part and has really great knowledge of the game. He does have some adult humor from time to time which I think is to keep viewers entertained, but the language is safe.

P.S. I'm continually impressed with the improvements they make on typically a bi-weekly basis. It's crazy to see how far its come even in only the last few months. At the going rate this game is going to be very fun and beautiful to look at.
I'll have to check out DryBear. I love how the game seems to have internal support for Twitch broadcasting too. At least, that's what the menus seem to suggest; I haven't looked into it yet.

I've now played a number of the gods. Fenrir is absolutely insane. So very cool.

Just finished a 2v2 joust bot match with another forum friend. It was really fun. Looking forward to playing with you too.

Tek! Get in on the fun! :D
Tek! Get in on the fun! :D

Sadly my hours are going to diminish soon, I coach volleyball and the first practice was today. So my evenings will be filled up with practices and matches for the next couple months. Maybe we can get some weekend play in tho :D
Okay, downloading it on my desktop PC now.

I don't know how well it will play ten feet away from a 46" HDTV, but I'll give it a try. :)
Yesssssss. :D

Edit: I take my final in a little over an hour, but I'm stoked to play more Smite. :D
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Elihu recently downloaded this and I installed it on my secondary desktop.

Anyone still playing or interested in trying it out?
Would make room to reinstall.
Do eeeeeet.

I will wait for Heroes of the Storm for a change from LoL
Same here. PLus they might throw me an in-game goodie like they did with HS hehe
I'm sure HotS will be solid (Blizzard is one of the industry's best when it comes to solid design and polish), but I still recommend taking SMITE for a test drive. SMITE uses many of the same design features (i.e. lanes, jungling, towers, minions, etc.) but uses a very different perspective (third-person shooter) that evokes fond memories of Heretic II multiplayer deathmatch. I enjoyed the first game I played (last night, co-op 3v3 with Elihu and a random player against bots) much more than my first LoL game.

Everyone has different preferences, of course, but SMITE is a significant enough departure from LoL's gameplay that it warrants at least a download (assuming you don't have bandwidth caps in your area [BANDWIDTH CAPS ARE EVIL]).

EDIT: I still wish that SOMEONE would make a MOBA where half the female characters don't look like porn stars, though. Still waiting...
Reinstalling SMITE now. I get their messages on my Facebook feed, and I could go for a MOBA that I enjoy playing (soz LoL/Dota guys; I just don't enjoy those games no matter how hard I try). We'll see if I enjoy it or Heroes of the Storm more now that I can have access to both.
SMITE is fun, yo. If and when I ever get my desk set up in my bedroom (I'm vacating my office so the new baby can have her own room), I plan on playing more SMITE and GW2.