server transfers!

Not sure what I will do now, unless I can get another 700 CC. I have a 50 Marauder and a 49 Pyrotech on the Bastion. Those were my mains until we hit Bergeren. I have a 42 Juggernaught I want to bring along too. The problem is, I like the Jug better than the Marauder but the Marauder is 50. Decisions, decisions.

Personally, I say bring the one you enjoy the most. Are you a sub or f2p? If you're a sub it will only take two months to get over 700 cc, with some left over. I would love to bring over three (smuggler, trooper, and sorc), but I can't afford it all at once. So I've re-rolled a few, but with diff adv class (good to learn a diff playstyle imo).

On another note, I read a dev post on that said there will not be any restrictions on server type. Meaning you can transfer from a PvP to a PvE server, ect. Yay!!!

I'll probably won't transfer immediately. I'll give it a day or two to make sure there aren't any major glitches, and for a few more sales to go thru on the GTN, lol. But if all goes as planned I should have my lol 55 smuggler on board by the end of the week!
I'm waiting for some GTN sales too before I transfer my Assassin over. I'm also buying up some Beryllius on Harbinger since it sells for as low as 15k each vs over 20k on Begeren Colony. I use one Beryllius to craft an Artifact 28 mod or armoring.
I am thinking I will bring my Pyrotech over right away and grind him up into the 50s. I like my jug, but he's only 42 and my marauder is so squishy but he's 50. I didn't really know what I was doing (not that I do now) when I worked on him (marauder). The idea of buying mats is good tho...
update: patch 2.2 has been postponed as well as server transfers. seems to be a significant issue with achievements transferring properly so devs say it won't probably happen until at the earliest patch 2.2.1. bummer, but i'm ok with it... i definitely don't want my achievements messed up! you all know me and my achieves! LOL
Oh wow. I'm glad they caught it before opening transfers. It's a bummer but it's more important to get it done right.

Here are the rules:
Your account...
...must be in good standing; you cannot be in a suspended or banned status.
The character you want to transfer...
...must not have been transferred within the last 72 hours.
...must be level 10 or higher.
...must not be a guild leader. (Guild members will not have their guild membership transferred.)
...should not have any items listed in the Galactic Trade Network. Active Galactic Trade Network listings will not be transferred.
...should not have any items, credits or mail in their mailbox. In-game mail will not be transferred. (Items and credits in your inventory are unaffected).
...will have its friends and ignore lists reset.
...may need to be renamed if your name is already taken on the destination server (you will be prompted for a new name when you log in if this is the case).
...will have its Legacy name set to your Legacy name on the destination server.
...will have its Legacy level set to the highest Legacy level between the original and the destination server.
The destination server...
...must have been open for at least 90 days.
…cannot transfer from a European origin server to North American destination server or vice versa.
Additional server restrictions may apply. Character transfers may take some time to update on the website. Have questions? See the Character Transfer FAQ for more details.

Unclaimed mail or auctions left on your original server are not eligible for restoration.
Logging in for a minute to check to see if you have any mail or items on the GTN before transferring is prudent. I still had my TotHC stuff in the mail for Amoyk.
Hmmm... What about stuff in the Cargo Hold? It says inventory items will transfer but nothing about the Cargo Hold. I'm assuming that anything left in the Cargo Hold will probably get deleted once the character transfers.
I got my Sith Assassin transferred to Begeren Colony. The process took less than 30 seconds. I was logged on my toon when I initiated the transfer just to see what would happen...hehe. As soon as I clicked the button, it logged me off and said I was disconnected due to character transfer. As soon as I could get onto Begeren Colony, my Assassin was there.

I put a couple of things in my Cargo hold and they transferred just fine. I renamed my toon from Alerron to Zodeus.
yeah, everything in my inventory and cargo hold transferred with no problems. all my achievements and titles were intact too... was a very smooth experience :D