Re-forming the Guild


Post your name here if you are (or will be) actively playing on Begeren Colony and want to re-form the guild. We just need four on at the same time. I've been mainly playing my Sage, Alerron, since reactivating my subscription a couple of weeks ago. I think my daughter consolidated all her toons, Empire and Republic, onto Begeren. I may do the same eventually.

Begeren Colony Republic Toons:
Alerron, Sage
Akando, Sentinel
Elyon, Guardian
Mik'hael, Commando

Feel free to add my toon's names to your friends list. Hopefully soon we'll be able to coordinate a time for everybody to be online and we can get the guild going again.
I am interested, I think there will be alot more people playing regulary once it goes free to play. I also cant find other christian guilds besides this one so there might be more new aplicants(like myself).
Thunder, I see you've created a toon called Sarkvol. I'll look for you online.
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Kahiel - Jedi Knight. Let me know what night you guys want to reform the guild and I will try to be there.
If you guys want me to help spread the word about the new guild, send me a PM on my main account (Tek7) when it's officially created in-game and I'll see what I can do. :)
I'm going to be on this evening. I've tried to be on most evenings the past couple of weeks. I'm generally on from around 7pm to 9pm MDT.
Sorry. I did not see this until too late. I can be on, but at this time I can't stay on for a long time waiting. So if we can all agree on a date and time, I will be there. Wed. nights I have Bible Study, but any night other than that I can meet up with you guys.
I just met Sarkvol (ThunderTotem) online. Kahiel was just on too. I can't do Wednesday nights either. How about 9pm EDT tomorrow (Friday)? That would be 7pm my time (MDT). I'll be on for at least an hour. If that doesn't work for everybody, suggest a day and time.
My son shoots until 9 pm. If I remember when I get home (my focus has been rather scattered of late) I will jump on when I get home.
Sorry about last night. I was working late and totally forgot. :(
I sent you a message on Skype but you must not have received it. I try to be on most evenings so just hop on sometime and we can see if we can get this going.
i'm still playing, but mostly on the shadowlands server with a guild from SWG i was in years ago. i would be interested in hanging out with w/some Christians in game tho :D
If you want to roll a toon on Bergern Colony, keep an eye out for one of us and we can let you in the guild. Or, if you just want to hang with us on TS, you could do that too.