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Quote[/b] ]Whoa Whoa Whoa........ wait a minute here. Just because some of the team has been busy others of us have been figuring things out. Ok I want and need all the help but atm myself, Atown, and Gen have sort of started to get things organized. The newsletter's look will probably change a bit and have a bit of tweaking but because of past problems and such, for at least this first week the three of us are going to handle it.

GP is back on the team... dont make me put my foot down.
You have completely misunderstood what i am saying. I am sorting this out with litsafalda personally.
Guys, guys, I have stepped aside...I completely understood Litsafaldas frustration. And I stepped aside. I don't need to be put here or there, especially considering all things.

I have to work to be where ever I am to end up...and I will do that. This is ok by me. Remember, and I've said this before, when I have my head about me, I have no ego to worry about.

So, where-ever I can be used (I'll even clean the outhouse if needed), point me there.
fair enough

I relinquish control, and any involvement with, the spiritual projects in CGA.
Just to reiterate, because I really don't want people making decisions that may be regretted later.

I understand that I have to rebuild my trust in this community. I don't want or need to be put right back on a team. Its not healthy for anbody. I want to rebuild the relationships. I am not hurt by Litsafaldas abnomishment (sp?). I am quite ok with it.
Riss No one asked that you not participate. Just back off a bit and let those of us who've been working on this take care of it for a bit and let God show through. We would rather have your support then not. The rest of what I want to say I do not think needs to be publlically posted.
Backing off is what i am doing. there cannot be two leaders to this project.. so i am handing it officially to you.. I hope the email isent wasnt offensive . I was simply pointing ou tthe logistics of the operation. If you can handle that then i hope you do great things with the letter and study.

I will participate again. I have to take stock a bit. While my frustration was justified I think i was a bit annoyed that the rug was taken from under my feet and wanted to hold onto my authority in this area.. Rightly or wrongly... But Please do not take my remarks as ill feeling, i wish the cga projects well under litsafaldas leadership and hope to help again very soon.