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Starting here and expanding to public forums. I have requested and been granted the "captain" position for the newsletter and eventually with what I have been pushed to do by God by the first of the year a couple other things will start as well. Since we have been having a few snags along the way, this seems to be the best way for things to move smoothly forward.

This is what I see happening in the next few months with God's grace and guidance. I would like to start the Christian year( btw this is the first Sunday of Advent not Jan 1st) off right with an all day prayer day. NO I am not saying we all stop everything and pray all day but that we get a committment from our community to sign up and prayer so that starting 12 am EST until 12 am the next day with the people we have around the world that there will be someone from this community praying for each minute. More on that later.

Also I have asked and been told that there can be a specific forum area made just for those of us who are ladies. Sometimes our gentle hearts need a quiet place to ask without having to fight through all of the other debates etc.

Next up I feel that we can get a Bible Study up and going that will follow along with the newsletter. I am going to start a series the first week of Jan on the Lord's Prayer. When that is completed it will move to lent and holy week. After that I think it will go to the Fruits of the Spirit. This should get us up to our first anniversary of the newsletter I believe.
This has more often then not been a real God's Blessing for me and I really feel He is leading me. So much so that I may be doing more in my RL church as well.

Also the addition of the Rainbow and Mustard Seed topic will be added back to the prayer and praise forum as well as to the newsletter. We need to praise and say thanks. We as a community do not do that enough. I am hoping for all of you to help and become weekly contributors to this area.

I have been also granted moderator abilities to all of the prayer areas as well as the announcement area. Hmmm this is a start. There are still many things needing to be done. I am first asking here but will also ask in the public areas for more volunteers. I know we will need Bible Study leaders and many other things.

For now the people who have committed to this new structuring of this project are Gen, Atown, GodsPeon, Rizz, and myself. I also have a friend who is new to the forums that I cannot remember his forum name (j.......) who is also willing to help out. Tek will also be kept informed on what is happening.

I have a few other people in mind but have not contacted them to ask for their help.

Please go HERE for a guide to html in the CGA letter. I think someone should walk litsafalda through this so she learns the ropes... Its a pretty rough guide.
To download the sample... right click and select save as... since its a htm file it just goes straight to it >_<
hmm ok thanks for your support ... I think. Smiles anyway yep I a bit computer illiterate I do not deny that. I just need to learn a little at a time.
Rizz is right though gonna need a bit of hands on and the two of us are not on at the same times as much any more due to my work schedule changing again but soon I am hoping for that cush one again ... hmm work and cush just do not go together. Oh well!!!! Thanks hon
If you have the software to do that then yes. If you browse with mozilla they have a rather nice built in editor. Or Frontpage of course. But they tend to leave messy code so it helps to use the knowledge to clean it up.

This is specifically important to the stuff that people send. I know that litsafaldas emails always had a lot of random html tags already included in them (<div> tags for the paragraphs and stuff)... so when you import a lot of text from an email you need to go through it and remove all the bad tags.. putting in your own nice ones.

As for the letter. yes i wrote it all initially in notepad.
yeah i noticed when i imported it i had a ton of wierd tag stuff i didt reconize. edit: i feel special now. (in neo voice after learning kung fu) i just learn html

edit: how do i know if: <Html>

<center> <b> Woot i think i finally have figuired out html </center> </B>

<table> <center> <B> <U> ok now this hsould be in a center, table with underscore and bold <tr> woot </tr> <tr> woot again </tr>
</table> </center> </b> </u>

</html> works?
I'm sooooo soooo soooo lost and sorry Rizz if i have too many weird tags. I've no idea what I'm doing. I tried to write in notepad but it keeps doing weird things between that and moving it to send through email. I soo need to learn something. Supposedly hubby says we have this really BIG BOOK all about html. HMMMM I like the other BIG BOOK better. Smiles
hmmmm it sort of made since until I got a few pages in. Yep I'm still very lost. I want to get the Rainbows and Mustard Seeds section back into the main format for next week also, please prettty pretttty pretttttty please.
Mozilla Composer, n/p. What about Dreamweaver? I know FrontPage is rather bloated, I just know it the best
If someone could research a free wysiwyg html editor that Litsafalda could use, then walk her through it and the tutorial i setup via TS or something. That would be appreciated. I am not on in her evening time so i cant help really.
and atown: create a new text document and paste your code in. Then save it and replace the txt extension with htm. it will then load up in IE and you can see what you have done. I tried it with your text and it came out weird. I would not use the <center> tag, i dont think it even exists.

heres what i would have done...
[b said:
Quote[/b] ]
<table align="center">
<tr><td align="center"><b>Woot i think i finally have figuired out html </b></tr></td>
<tr><td align="center"><B> <U> ok now this hsould be in a center, table with underscore and bold </u></b></td></tr>
<tr><td align="center"><b><u>woot</u></b></td></tr>
<tr><td align="center"><b><u> woot again</u></b></td> </tr>

(1 column, 4 rows)

or simpler (but bad code grammar) :

[b said:
Quote[/b] ]
<table align="center">
<tr><td align="center"><b>Woot i think i finally have figuired out html <br>
<U> ok now this hsould be in a center, table with underscore and bold <br>
woot again</u></b></td> </tr>

(1 column, 1 row)

Putting align=center on the table tag puts the whole table on the centre of the page. Putting align=center on the <td> (table cell) tag centers everything in that cell. What you have there is a table that is centered. 1 column by 4 rows. Each row has its contents centered.
i now have mozilla with the html editor.... now what? it is:

For the last two months...I have been busy...way to busy. Way, way, way, way, way, way too busy. But how do I know its over? Well, this weekend was my convocation. That means its over. finally. after what seems to be forever and ever and a day, its done. My weekends are back in my hands until Christmas.

While I was in Winnipeg two weekends ago, I went to church with my Aunt and Uncle. The pastors message was "Live full and die empty", meaning pour yourselves into everything you do.

For the next two days, my prayer and thoughts are on my parents who are in court dealing with a lawsuit. Wednesday is my mothers delay Birthday (postponed from this weekend so she can concentrate on the lawsuit), after that, my slate is wiped clean. No more outside worries so I can concentrate on pouring myself into the ministry side of CGA.

1> I would like to first get Atown under my wing and get him going on the Newsletter for this weekend?

2> Start working with Litsafalda and come up with a bible study plan.

3> Pour myself where-ever I am needed.
great to see u active again GP.. Looks like we can set a relaunch for the newsletter of the 28th easily now...

Lets get the letter running again and then concentrate on the bible study.

I think we need to ask section leaders and forum moderators to watch for prayer requests in their forums and ask that they move them to the prayer forum. There are a lot of forums to keep an eye on.

I am going to review the layout of the newsletter over the next few days, if I make any changes for readability or usability, I'll post any changes for review here. I am in no rush to have any new changes implemented for this Sunday. I will get the mustard seed\rainbow section into the newsletter for this weekend. All litsafalda has to do is say...get it in there boy, and it will be so.

I think what can happen, is that Litsafalda can post her Prayers of the Week on this forum, giving us all a chance to look at it and comment on it. And then, ATown and I can take alternating weeks preparing the newsletter. This way, Litsafalda doesn't have the burden of who is taking care of the newsletter. If a couple of us are going to be a way, then somebody can copy\paste the POTW and even if they don't update the prayer list, at least the newsletter gets out. There, that adds a level of ensurance.
Whoa Whoa Whoa........ wait a minute here. Just because some of the team has been busy others of us have been figuring things out. Ok I want and need all the help but atm myself, Atown, and Gen have sort of started to get things organized. The newsletter's look will probably change a bit and have a bit of tweaking but because of past problems and such, for at least this first week the three of us are going to handle it. Also a few others are volunteering to do some the special member prayers for us by contacting the members to see what their specific needs may be personally and in their churches, etc. There is a possibility in a few weeks that the potw section will go out to the "team" before it is sent all the way out. I have about the next 12 weeks or so planned on what's happening even though I do not have it all the way written yet
I am hoping that things will run smoother as well as going to have back up people to send things out in case some of out previous situations happen.

The plan for the Bible study is to start the first week of Jan on Thurs I believe. 9 or 10 EST is my thought there. The first 7 weeks for sure I want to follow the newsletter's theme as I have a study guide book that I am going to use to put the newsletter together......BTW it will be on The Lord's Prayer...... I will have scripture etc available before so we can get leaders to do the studies as I can probably participate but will not be able to lead them. Blessings,"Angel"

Contact me on yahoo messager if you need to discuss anything else
ok, if, when, you need me, give me a buzz. All's cool.

It seems to me that I upset you, I ask for your forgiveness. It was not my intent, in my lightheartedness, I stepped on your toes, over stepped my bounds, this I recognize.