Please pray for my wife and myself...

Yeah, um, I sorta had a little run-in with reality. Sorry folks, I'm sorta kinda stuck under something in reality which is caught between a rock and a hard place. I got buried under it all!
No reliable internet for starters and a marriage worth more to me than, well, myself. As much as I wish for stability here and in MC, my wife comes first.
I won't take so long in checking the forum, this I can promise! I also can promise that I'll be seen in MC sporadically (read "whenever possible").
I can also promise I am grateful for all your prayers. When one who follows Christ is deep in battle for their lives, which we kinda-sorta are, they can actually feel the prayers of the righteous which are answered in abundance!
You aren't forgotten here or in prayer. No worries about being here when you need to be there for your wife. The world has it's priorities mixed up. Don't be like them and keep your's straight :) .