Please pray for my wife and myself...


(First a short back story):
I was once living on the streets, hitch hiking around the country trying to grow a bit and enjoy life some. I was also in search of something to bring back to the worship group I was involved in before I started my trek: I was a Satan worshiper. Within a month of starting out on this adventure I met Jesus in the desert town of Kingman, Arizona. I found myself in Florida and struggling to wish to continue life because I was tired of everything being against me. I didn't know it at the time but Satan wasn't happy I switched sides. I was apparently valuable to God's Plan.
I have been under The Blood of Jesus for about a year at this time, still in Spiritual diapers so to speak, and just accepting my life as failure. I ran into Joanne when her roommate saw me and knew my plans of suicide, so offered me a hot meal and shower in order to encourage me to try life some more. Joanne's life and personality caught me off guard and I fell in love and lost my desire to kill myself. (God Intervenes!)
Joanne was in fact THE BEST thing God gave to me, save for Jesus Christ. I learned how society functions a bit better, grew in wisdom with dealing with people and felt love from another person for the first time since I ran off to hitch hike.
(Back to the present):
For about 10 years now my wife has been suffering with mild dementia and it seems to be getting worse. It may be the start of Alzheimer's or some other form that is similar to it. She has lost much of her memory, quite a bit of self confidence and is (almost) running her life in fear. Much of this fear comes from past abuse as well as lack of proper support from family, so directly involves me as "the potential abuser". Her defenses and lack of direct involvement with me any more are causes for great cause for alarm.
I have FULL faith in God's Will, God's Word and God's Way so honestly have no serious worries. However I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried at all. If this were the case I wouldn't make this post. I've tried getting help from people, even my own church, but it seems (with the aid of Satan's lies) I am alone in this quest. I know I am not for I know a few at my church are in fact praying. I also know this post won't be ignored for I believe what I've seen within this community is in fact within The Plan of God and God's People are here. Period.
My prayer request is this: Please pray for Joanne's health all across the board (mental, physical, emotional, etc) as well as for myself to remain strong and confident in my belief that this is merely temporary, some form of education for us both.
I have been with my wife (Joanne) for almost 32 years now. She was my first love after I loved Jesus for loving me.
Thank you, and God Bless!
It is so hard when losses like this set in, I am starting some issues (one reason why GW2 always feels new). I will most assuredly continue to pray. I have right now.
Praying. Mental health issues can be especially difficult as one would expect the church to be more understanding than secular communities but too often churches shy away from such issues. Having witnessed my mother taking care of my grandmother during my grandmother's last years, my heart and prayers go out to you and your wife.

I pray that her health will improve and that the people of your local church will lift you up during this difficult season.
Thank you all deeply.
The things that keep me going are as simple as "Count it all joy" and "I shall look to the hills".
Also: "The best is yet to come!"
Well we had no electricity for a while and that almost drove my wife mad. I say almost because there were hardly no troubles getting her to calm down and trust God.
Please continue to pray for us as there is no change in her mentality and mine is beginning to stagger as well with all the stress.
Also pray I can repay my neighbor before he gets worried that I can't! (I have full intentions to do so, but it will take time...)
Hang in there Lewie, God knows what is happening and is in control, even when you aren't. As we get older and deal with fixed incomes trusting God becomes even more important. Paying back a raft load of debt is where God has me now too. God is great and will get us through, and he will get you through too. Praying for you.
Praying for her, y'all, you and everyone else.

When we had our house fire a man came up to me at church and quoted Romans 8:28. I wanted to punch him in the face and ask him how that worked for him. But the truth is, he was correct. God has a plan and a purpose for everything that comes into our lives. Sometimes it to smooth off the rough edges, some times it's something we will use later on down the road, sometimes it's seeds we ourselves have planted that have finally come to bear fruit that He carries us through and sometimes it just so God can show Himself through us. Whatever the purpose for these trials, lean on Christ and the church.

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.
Thank you!
I am very sure God has His Hand on us and my wife and I are within His Will. Why else would Satan keep attacking us? It's just like Job, but with different names!
Don't make it easy to handle, however, as a mere human. I didn't say it can't be handled, just not easy.
I'd rather have the yoke Jesus asked me to carry than the valued treasures Satan offers...
HUGS to you and yours.........Romans 8:28 has been given to me many times over the years. Many times you just have to sit back and wait for HIS good in HIS timing for HIS glory.
Romans 8:28 is so important, but not always as easy as we think. Not always...
To save time and emotions, I just c/p from another prayer request forum:

It's getting a little worse, just a little.
Last night I walked from jail back to my apartment. It took me almost 3 hours to do so since there was no one available to get a ride from. (I truly have no friends...)
Why was I in jail? My wife somehow got the impression I was going to kill her and told a neighbor, who called the police.
Charges were dropped because during the investigation she admitted she may have misunderstood things and over reacted. Thankfully because she does have records showing her dementia, no charges were filed against her for false information.
I was released with an "I'm sorry for your situation". Doesn't get me back my time I lost though...
I am now WAY behind in trying to collect finances to keep the cable going (where I get internet access) as well as the borrowed money from my neighbor. I have until the 1st for cable and my neighbor is understanding and being patient.
I'm not afraid to admit I'm now a little more scared than I used to be in even trying to communicate with her. I am afraid to admit that it may be over for us as a happy couple, but at least we're still a couple.
(God? Are you in control? Yes? How come I don't feel it any more? Help me feel it again please?)
Hopefully someone has access to contact you in another way besides here. I "read" everything that is posted here even if I don't reply to all. Please know that things will move for His purpose when it's His time........speaking purely from experience here.

I think we may all be feeling under qualified to respond but know you aren't alone. Everyone that follows God will have a difficult season in life, a cross to carry. You don't have to look beyond these forums to see them. Stay strong in Christ and don't let Satan steal your hope, the only hope anyone can have, from you.
For those who are checking prayer request daily we haven't heard from Lewie in a while. Remember to pray for him and his wife. I imagine when he gets back online we will get a real update.
I am quite sure everyone that has been praying for us will not stop. I enjoy the fact there ARE people who care! Thank You!
Seems my wife got a bit anxious over everything and I was forced to focus on her more than anything else, even myself.
Prayer DOES work! Things aren't exactly better, but they are calmer. I'm even starting to see a little light ahead of me in the future for more freedom again, but not exactly like I once had.
A large "thank you" again to everyone who is praying. I look forward to the future!
Peace and Blessings!
Sorry it took so long to get back. Things are going to get better, I just know it!
Joanne is showing signs that she is making efforts in many areas. Although there are still some failures and many moments of "I just can't do it" from her, hope has shown itself! (Along with the proof that God does indeed answer prayer!]
Thank You All For Your Prayers.