Player Housing Coming Soon?

Ok, I was rather skeptical of the personal Strongholds after playing a LITTLE of it on the test server.

However, after they've been added to the game I have to say I was judging them unfairly. I am reluctant to spend time grinding on the test server when I know those characters will get wiped in a week or so when I want to grind Toons that I play on a daily basis. So I didn't really work on furnishing the SH. Now I find myself blowing most of my credit and time on crafting the items which can, in turn, be used to purchase things for my SH. Yes, there are things which drop in FP ops etc, I missed the roll for one last night, but there is plenty of stuff you can buy or make through crafting. There are a few items you have to have Cartel Certificates (you get them when you buy cartel packs, which I don't usually buy the packs and you don't get them from buying unlocks or the stuff I usually buy) which disappoints me. Overall I am having a blast decorating.

Oh, and Now I am paying for selling off all those crafting mats I picked up but didn't need for my skills.