Player Housing Coming Soon?

Interesting. Another game I used to play added player housing, but it cost a few million to get and you had to pay so much per month to keep it. I wonder how they'll do it in swtor?
wowzers!! take a look at this!!!!

player housing - "galactic strongholds" on multiple planets, with Legacy Stronghold Storage – Unlock access to a new type of storage that is shared across your entire Legacy! YES YES YES!!!!!

and wait for it.....

GUILD FLAGSHIPS!!!!!!!!!!! that's right, it's really real! :D

if you're interested in this stuff, go to the link and see what you get for being a sub vs preferred vs f2p... you might wanna sub for a few months if you can so you can get extras :D

this marks off a few of the things i've been really wanting from swtor. i'm so excited... LEGACY STORAGE!! finally no sending mats back and forth. i wonder if my whole legacy lives in the same stronghold, talk about cramped living quarters lol.
It's about time, but did they indicate how much all of that will cost? I'm guessing that small guilds like ours probably wouldn't be able to get a flagship. Still, it's awesome that they're finally doing it!
they haven't said anything specific about guild flagships yet. but i imagine it will be "scalable" like player strongholds. you can buy a basic stronghold pretty cheaply, and expand it for more, etc.
One question has been raised about if the strong hold will cost CC or credits...

MOVE INTO NAR SHADDAA EARLY: Be a Subscriber by May 11th to receive a luxurious NAR SHADDAA SKY PALACE STRONGHOLD with THREE ADDITIONAL ROOMS UNLOCKED – a value of 1,500,000 Credits

It would appear that you can open things via credits, but I imagine there's a way to do it with CCs too, for those of us too lazy to farm ;).
They are delaying the strongholds so they can add more content.

Producer Letter – Galactic Strongholds
Hi everyone!

For the past year, we've made it our goal to share updates and information on what’s happening in the studio and our upcoming plans for the game. We got the message that you appreciate transparency and want to know what we are working on. With that in mind, we wanted to share a change in plans to our most recently announced digital expansion, Galactic Strongholds.

We have been listening to what you, our players, were hoping to see from the Galactic Strongholds expansion. When playing early builds of Galactic Strongholds it became that clear that our June Early Access date was simply not enough. For this to truly feel like an expansion, it needs to include the full set of features, including those originally coming later in the year. So what does this mean? We are moving the start date for Subscriber Early Access from June 24th to August 19th in order to deliver to you the most features at the highest level of quality. The result will be a far more compelling experience, including additional features such as the ability to place your vehicles and pets in your Stronghold and for Guilds to conquer planets . To conquer a planet, Guilds must complete weekly Conquest events earning points to place at the top of the Guild Leaderboards. Conquering a planet gives the Guild special perks and rewards. This means that Subscribers will be the first to play the full slate of expansion features (everything!) at the start of Subscriber Early Access, a month before everyone else.

This additional time allows us to add:

Conquest Events: use the power of your Stronghold to dominate these events and earn rewards
Guild Flagships will now offer expanded functionality for Guilds:
Provide powerful buffs to Guild members from orbit
Transport entire groups to your personal coordinates instantaneously
Compete in Conquest Events to conquer entire planets
New Stronghold: Tatooine Homestead
Vehicles, Mounts, Pets, and Companion Characters can be placed as decorations in Strongholds
Combine that with the original feature list…

3 unique Player Strongholds, one on each Capital World plus the Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace
2 faction-specific Guild Flagships (Valor-class Cruiser for the Republic and Harrower-class Dreadnaught for the Empire)
Legacy Stronghold Storage
Ability to gain Prestige tracked on Prestige Leaderboards
Hundreds of Decorations to discover and collect
…and the result is an expansion that’s worth waiting for!

The additional features and time shift means some adjustments in other parts of our plan:

May 4th remains the Subscriber deadline for Bonus Cartel Coins Grant to the sweet tune of 1000 Cartel Coins!

May 11th is no longer the deadline for Strongholds Early Access rewards but as a thank you to all of our Subscribers as of this date, we are giving you the following rewards:

Exclusive Subteroth minipet (delivered in Update 2.7.2)
Two Character Titles “The Intrepid” (delivered in Update 2.7.2) and “The Illustrious” (delivered in Game Update 2.9)
A sprawling Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace with five additional rooms unlocked
Stronghold Name "Galactic Stronghold"
July 15th is our new deadline for Subscriber Rewards for Early Access, and you must be a Subscriber by this date to claim the Subscriber Early Access Rewards:

The luxurious Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace with three additional rooms unlocked
Stronghold Name "Galactic Stronghold"
Character Title "The Illustrious" (delivered in Game Update 2.9)
August 19th is Game Update 2.9: Galactic Strongholds Digital Expansion Subscriber Early Access!

Preferred Early Access and the Official Launch will follow in September and October. Be sure to visit for more specific dates and details.

Our goal is to keep you informed, so stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for an update on the summer roadmap, including Game Update 2.8. For all of us working on Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, we appreciate your support. We’re extremely excited about Galactic Strongholds and can’t wait to share it with you. Keep the feedback coming! See you in-game!

Bruce Maclean
Senior Producer
I'm glad they're not rushing it out. It looks like we'll still get "A sprawling Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace with five additional rooms unlocked" on May 11th. But does that mean we'll also get "The luxurious Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace with three additional rooms unlocked" on July 15?
The way I read it if you are a subscriber on May 11 you get five rooms (two more than originally allocated) for your patience. If you are not a sub on May 11 but are by July 15, you get the pad with only three rooms unlocked. I could be wrong, that's been known to happen, but that's how I take it.

BTW, I wonder how much the guild flagship is going to cost. I would love to start collecting donations in game now so we can buy one when they open up. The flagships sound like they may provide for some more gaming opportunities.
Sounds like being subscribed by May 11th will entitle you to the big palace but we probably will not see it until June if I read that email correctly.

Either way it sounds pretty cool.
Sounds like being subscribed by May 11th will entitle you to the big palace but we probably will not see it until June if I read that email correctly.

Either way it sounds pretty cool.

We won't see it until August. Big bummer.
I almost just went back to SWTOR when I picked up ESO. I don't regret my decision at all (ESO has been wonderful so far), but this news would have probably put a good fight up in swaying my decision. lol
Yeah. I resubbed the other day as I just wanted to change it up. WoD is still several months out and I was feeling the pre-burnout buzz so I decided to shift directions.

So far so good, though I am spending more time doing dailies on my 55 Scoundrel than leveling another of my alts I intend to finish.
I have ESO but have been playing mostly SWTOR lately. I'll probably do some ESO this weekend. I haven't decided if I'm going to sub to ESO. I love the story, graphics, etc, but I'm not sure if that's enough to keep me grinding away trying to level. It seems like it takes forever to level up. There's some things I don't like about ESO, like trying to find my way around and looking for a merchant.
Dulfy has been posting a rundown of the Q&As that the dev's have been hosting on Twitch.

Here is one.

Doors open up four ways – up, down, left right. When you go into the stronghold and pass through a door, it will remain open until you leave the stronghold.
Trophies awarded retroactively based on achievements. Each difficulty mode has a different border and icons. It is basically portrait of the bosses you have killed.
Decorations can be purchased with cartel certificates right on the fleet (in addition to credits etc)
Question to players: If we were doing another stronghold, where would you like to live? Submit your answers on forums etc.
Mounts/Pets – Once you unlocked a mount/pet, you can only put one of them in each stronghold and only one copy. However, placing it in one stronghold will not make it unavailable for others. (i..e if you unlocked Charcoal Dewback on your character, there is one copy available for each stronghold and placing it in one won’t make it unavailable for other strongholds you have).
You can only place a mount/pet once in a stronghold even if multiple characters in your legacy owns it.
If you want to place companions of other characters, you need to log into them to place it.
You can get new labels for your stronghold to display on the public listing via achievements.It is similar to a character title.
You cannot name your strongholds, but you can change the owner of the stronghold to one of your characters in your legacy. The exception is Guild Strongholds which you can name it as whatever you want.
For Prestige, there is an incentive to make your house very busy and drop decoration on all the hooks since it increases your completion %.
Guild Flagship and Conquest are new systems so we want to show them to you rather than just talk to them.
Guild stronghold is similar to personal strongholds with the exception that guild members can donate decorations and multiple players can have gold keys with the ability to decorate. They have same layouts as player strongholds.
If you transfer servers, the stronghold that come with you will not be decorated. You will get your decorations back and need to decorate it again.
If you have two identical classes, you cannot place two copies of your companions.
If you visit DK stronghold as a republic character, can you see the DK planetary chat? Interesting question. No answer given.
Min level for someone to enter Stronghold – Level 15 or 16, which should give you enough credits to buy a stronghold in DK or Coruscant.
You cannot place credits in legacy storage.
You cannot have more than one of the same stronghold. However, you can have a personal Dromund Kaas stronghold and a guild Dromund Kaas stronghold.
Fleet chat is still on fleet, we don’t want to deplete the fleet.
Can a republic character buy a stronghold in Dromund Kaas? Make an Imperial character, level it to level 15, buy a DK stornghold and then pay a fee to smuggle your Republic character over. Smugglers/agents do not need to pay any fee.

I guess I didn't catch earlier that there would be a guild stronghold (similar to the personal stronghold) in addition to the guild ship.
I jumped on the Public Test Server last night to take a peek at the new strongholds. Kind of exciting, lots of possibilities it was kind of overwhelming. I thought I took some screen shots, but I can't find them, I will try again later.

The Nar Shadaa place is HUGE. As a subscriber we get 5 open rooms. That includes one stair way (there are two in each of the strongholds) but does not include the balcony and there is a room called the Antechamber which are still locked. There is another locked room I haven't found, I assume it's off of the antechamber, but not sure. The costs associated with the Nar stronghold are very steep. I could have opened the balcony but it would have taken all the credits I have on Kahiel (about 1.7 million). I couldn't afford to open the antechamber (over 2 million).

I purchases the one on Curosant which was much more affordable (I've unlocked most of it including the garage). It's not as big, but as I said it was cheaper which I prefer.

There were some complaints on the SWTOR forums about the fact that the decorations have to go on "hooks." Well, the hooks cover just about every conceivable surface and they are so customization you can do pretty much anything you want with them.

To start your fun with strongholds, there is a quest giver on the fleet in the crew skills area. They moved all the crew skills around to make room for the new vendors (furnishings etc.). For those who are subscribers and have the bonus stronghold on Nar, you have to "reactivate" your stronghold. There will be a limit of 4 strongholds per Legacy, right now there are only four available so you can open them all, but that also means they have plans to add more later. If you deactivate a stronghold, you can reactivate it for free so it appears that the bonus will be treated as a reactivation.

You can travel to your stronghold from anywhere (so you don't have to run back to the spaceport to get on your ship or blow a travel pass) and you can return to the place you traveled from, the fleet, or your ship. So, once it's set up, you could stop while farming, jump to your stronghold, drop/sell what you have in inventory and jump back to the zone to continue grinding/farming.

I'm not in a guild so I can't test any of the guild features yet. If anyone else wants to try the PTS I would be more than happy to start a guild so we can test the guild stronghold (doubt we could afford the ship unless someone has a spare 50 mil on one of their characters) and I could test the invite and key systems with the strongholds.
The SWTOR forums are full of complaints about the exorbitant costs for the legacy storage, guild flagships, Nar Shadaa and Tatooine strongholds. Tatooine stronghold costs 5 mil just to unlock. The rooms must be insane. You can use CC for them, but you don't get CC on the PTS (not that I would spend money on testing).

Also, people are raising heck about the trophies. I guess it doesn't give you the trophies even if you have the achievement for completing it. The trophies are crafted (5 hours time) from mats that drop in the flashpoint. The drops are rare and you have to roll for them. People are NOT happy. And, from what I've seen, in order to purchase more stuff to decorate your SH, you have to have items like Cartel certificates. It seems each vendor requires a different item. In other words, you can't just go and purchase a bunch of furniture (you do get quite a bit to start, especially if you do the quest on your alts) as you want, you have to run various missions to get the mats or certificates to give you the ability to spend credits. Again, I'm seeing a lot of dissatisfaction over that.