Open Beta Has started/will start soon


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Howdy Folks!

Well, open beta has started for the pre-order folks...and it will open to the public soon (like April 6th?).

So, the million-dollar question:

Do we have a kinship yet, and what is the name?


Also, do we have any other players out there? I cannot remember what server I am on, but I can be reached by Wilson.

I actually have 5 "toons", but I am trying to create a self-sustaining crafting thing going on...have all the bases covered.

(P.S. if you have any questions, please feel free to ask, I may be able to help answer them) <not that I am someone important, or special...but I am willing to do what I can :) >

Thank you for your time,


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As far as I understand, for the open beta, there will NOT be a fee.

When the game goes live, I believe that there will be.

As far as what it is...I do not know for sure, but I have heard rumors of around 14.99...don't quote me on that though, as I have no documentation to back that up...

I can dig around and see if I can find something for y'all, and post it with link for documentation if you so desire.


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it depends on if you preorder or not if you preorder you can subscribe for 9.99 a month or 199.00 lifetime membership. Me and my husband are playing on landroval as Jazmyna (or any form of jazmina) and muir/bledie. How many toj members plan to play there? Would be nice hanging with you all again in new lands.


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Just wanted to pipe in and let everyone know that we are currently looking for a Lord of the Rings Online Chapter Leader. I'd like to have the position filled before open beta ends; if not by then, then shortly thereafter.


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I will keep it in mind as if hubby and i decide we like it enough to leave wow and play there we do plan to get some form of kinship fired up but i dont want to commit to anything untill i know for sure we will be making it a permanant thing. So far we are enjoying it. its definantly geared more for the casual player who enjoys pve more then pvp but there is what sounds like a interesting pvp aspect to it. starting tomarrow the beta is open to everyone and you can already get a free beta key and download the game just be warned it is a almost 4 gig download...or you can do whjat hubby and i did. go to ebgames drop $5.00 on the preorder and enjoy all the benefits that come with founders club.