Official Tribe of Judah Steam account listing

Ok...took all semester but I finally got Steam and 1.6 installed, so I might play a little over break

handle: TastyWheat
email: redfox1836 @
[b said:
Quote[/b] ([]hescominsoon @ Jan. 14 2004,11:05)]interesting..steam friends reports that tek7 does not you ahve to be logged on for steam friends to find you?
Steam is just horrible at locating friends. It might be best just to track ToJ members down while they're playing on the ToJ CS server and add them through the server least, I think you can do that. O_O
HI! I'm new to tojcc. well here. my name is "Frag Boy!" under friends and in game i guess it's "tojcc tag 'i dunno how, i'll just do what everyone else is,' Frag Boy!" i like to talk a lot and just have fun!  

oh and here's the im stuff. i use for e-mail and msn mesesnger which i prefer over aim which i use rarely.
Welcome to Tribe of Judah!
the Tag is


so for you it'd be, []FragBoy or []Frag Boy

Hope to see you sometime
alright, i got a new steam email address, its not MINE! but im borrowing it, please note this is NOT my msn address or email address, its my NON-christian friends, its coo_coo_kachoo at