Official Tribe of Judah Steam account listing

Tek7 (Legacy)

CGA & ToJ President
Please use this forum thread to post the e-mail address you used to activate your Steam account so other Tribe of Judah members can add you to their friends list. I'll start us off.

Handle: Tek7
Awesome, heres mine.. again, Tek always has the solution to things

Handle: Flash
Handle: QuePasa
E-Mail: dvorab14 azot uwosh dizzot edu

Got that? This is the account that I am trying to keep spam free for as long as possible. Please do not send anything to that account, my regular E-Mail, is where you can send all flames and things.
Rawr, ph3ar my long not being here-ness. Also ph3ar my not having played CS in like months and months, and then ph3ar that I haven't been able to get into a game yet with steam cause it is teh 3v1L to modems.
So yea obviously name's the same (amusedtoe for the slow :) ), add to the end for the e-mail.