New Republic Guild

The monthly Mumble server expense is paid directly out of ToJ member donations.

If you're interested in donating toward the Mumble server, read the Support ToJ page.

If you decide to donate, please include a note stating you'd like your donation to go toward the ToJ Mumble server.
I saw that Ewoks posted a link in the CfD forum. I made a donation identifying the Mumble server.
Hey Narius, sorry I missed you when you messaged me. I was afk.
I'll definitely invite you next time you log on :)
I don't see a problem with setting up channels on the Mumble server for the Republic guild. We would expect them to chip in with donations of course. We have a 50 slot server so there is room.

Grim will need to approve it, I will bring it up if you guys are interested.

I'm fine with that. As Ewok said, the Republic guild would need to also be contributing to the server costs, but other than that I see no problems with it.
I sent a donation today marked for the Mumble server. If we can get a channel on there, just let me know the info so I can pass it on to the guild members.
I made a guy on the sever and tried to add you guys to friends list and it said that you dont exist. I rechecked the server name 3 times SO I know I am on the one listed.

Can I get an updated contact this person list?? For your character names? I made a Trooper named Tars
I will be rolling a few toons on there tonight. I am on another server at the moment, but I will be starting over. Tis okay though, since most of them are lower level anyways, I will look you guys up. Also just a tip, if you type "/who Called" it will pull up anyone in the guild that is online at the moment.