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Tribe of Judah Star Wars: The Old Republic Galacti
Hello all,

I am the new Guildmaster for a Republic Guild for ToJ. I am located in Oklahoma and I am a long time gamer. I have played most all MMOs, but SWTOR is by far the best, IMO. I am very much enjoying this game. I look forward to being able to play with fellow believers and to help create a guild that is dedicated to helping, fun, and witnessing to others.

I believe a PVE server will offer some variety to the players since it seems others are covering the PVP aspect. I currently have several characters on Vrook Lamar, which is both a PVE and RP server. I think this would make a great place for a Republic Guild. However, I am also open to what the players may want. To that end, I would appreciate any and all suggestions and feedback about where we should establish a Republic Guild. Also, I would appreciate any assistance in getting it named and created.
Huzzah! ToJ is going to have a Galactic Republic guild (and a PvE guild to complement our PvP guild at that)!

Thanks to Tom for volunteering to lead the Republic guild. Treat him nicely, everyone. Leading a guild can be tough work. :)
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Great news! All my republic toons are under level 12, so I can easily create a new toon on whatever server is chosen. It's nice that SWTOR allows 40 toons. I've never been on a RP server. Is it geeky? :p
Not much different than other servers, actually. Just that RPers (like me) tend to use names that fit the lore and try to be in the context of their character with their actions. Also creating a background for the character to fit the lore as well.

However, I believe all this should be casual and totally voluntary, and I have no problems with how players name or play their characters. So, technically, it is just a PVE server. There are no special requirements because it is an RP server.

Got any suggestions for a name?

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Hey I will join the fun, I too only have a few low level toons, and I am still looking for a good republic guild. :) I probably will play both of our guilds, but I seem to enjoy the republic a bit more. I will look you up in game when I get on next time.
I have been thinking of a guild name. What do you think of...
Walking in the Light
Followers of the Light

Any other ideas?
Understood. So, thinking further I have come up with...
Benevolence Coalition

Eh.. It's not that I don't like it, but it doesn't scream out at me. I would grow to enjoy it however.

I do think it would be funny/ironic since we have Called from Darkness, if we have Called to Light. That tickles my tummy a little. :)
How about <Pwned by Jesus>. Ok, maybe not.

Called to Light sounds pretty good. However, I also like Followers of the Light or Walking in the Light. It doesn't mean we would have to be Lightside, although my Republic toons will probably be all lightside toons. Light to us will mean something different than to the average player and it may give an opportunity to explain it.

*Edit: How about <316 Warriors>?
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I like Called to Light as well. Seems we have a few here, in case one is not available. I will need a group of 4 to create the guild. The cost is 5,000 credits, which I have, but any help with the cost will be appreciated. So I guess it is settled that the server will be Vrook Lamar.

I am generally in the game evenings, so feel free to holler at me. Look for Baric, Jagg, Tekus or Godan. Baric is the one I want to use as the guildmaster. He is currently level 25, Jedi Guardian.
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I will create a new Republic toon on the server.

*Edit: Created a Jedi Counselor named Aleron
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I will be creating a Jedi Conselor this afternoon after work so I can help out as well. Probably, shadow spec after that.