Mission Alert! All Troubleshooters report to TSP sector for mission briefing.


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Mission Alert! All Troubleshooters report to TSK sector for mission briefing.

[When I post in brackets like this, I am no longer High Programmer Dorkelf. I'm just dorkelf. :) Everything that has been happening here so far has been part of a role-playing game, which I am planning to run via this forum and Teamspeak. Everything you need to know about this role-playing game you can learn by reading the existing posts. Everyone is welcome to participate, and some will only do so by posting here...but I hope most of you will be willing to play via Teamspeak too , which is a lot more fun.

I can't tell you much more. Curiously this is the type of game that is much, much more fun the less you know about it. Let me just say that it's a lot of fun, that it doesn't rely on the same group of people showing up for each game, and that it is open to all who wish to participate. The game does contain violence, and if you think your parents might object you'd better get their permission first. That is an order, Citizen. :) But the game will also help you to understand and appreciate a society that values human life (our society, NOT Alpha Complex), and there will be some minor ethical issues as well. It's a thinkin' game, though the thinkin' won't always extend much farther than "how can I frame my fellow Citizens so that they get shot instead of myself?" :eek:]

Troubleshooters, a menace has been detected. Please submit your schedule availability so that a team might be assembled to protect Alpha Complex. Act with haste, Citizens.

High Programmer Dorkelf
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[If you have already 'signed up' as a player (aka you submitted your clone name), please post your general availability to this thread. If you wish, you can post in brackets like I'm doing now, which means whatever you post is not considered to be 'in-game'. If this distinction confuses you, please pm me. I want to plan a time within the next couple of weeks to do an actual role-playing session via Teamspeak. I expect the session will last about 2 hours. All materials will be provided to players, you don't need anything except Teamspeak and some method for taking notes (pen & paper, word processor, whatever). A d20 is also helpful if you have one. Again, please direct questions to me via pm.]

Troubleshooters, a grave threat has been detected. I am awaiting your response. Failure to respond to this thread within a reasonable period of time may be grounds for summary brain-softening.

High Programmer Dorkelf
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Indy-R-TSK-1 responding:
My availability is in the evenings of Sun/Wed/Fri/Sat. Preferred times is post 7pm but the occasional earlier start might be arranged.

Sunday afternoon 2pm-4pm is a window that might work as well.

[All times are PST, as I am a west coaster. Unfortunately games can rarely happen for me until after I get the twins in bed, which is 7pm ish I am home during their nap on Sundays so that might work]
Stc-R-DRG-1 reporting:
Preffered times: After 3:00pm (PST) anyday save wednesday

[Im assuming that by d20 you mean a 20 sided dice?]
[I am thinking that Sunday nights are going to be best. Let's shoot for this Sunday night, Oct 21 to get started. I am going to try to be logged into CG Alliance Teamspeak by 8 PM EST (5PM PST) and can play until 11 PM EST, maybe a little later if necessary. Dea will be playing - if Ewoks and STC can both make it too, that will be enough to actually run a game, if we manage to get through all the preliminary stuff first. I like to have a minimum of four and a maximum of seven players whenever possible. For this first session though, I'll take whoever comes. Provided they first post their character names to the introductory thread.

STC - Yes, a d20 is a 20-sided die. They are available in most gaming/comic book shops throughout the known universe. Players who don't have them may use a number randomizer program instead. Or if neither are practical, I can do the die rolls myself. But its more fun if you get to do them.

Everyone is going to need a character sheet. You will be able to download one and fill it out yourself if you wish. Alternately, I can fill one out for you and mail it to you. Don't worry about doing this in advance of Sunday night, though. Its best for you to do it with my guidance.]

Thank you for your cooperation, Citizens. The mission briefing is hereby scheduled in TSK sector for the 20th hour of this 7th daycycle. Please be prepared to explain the meaning of unfamiliar terms in your recent posts, such as "Wednesday" and "7pm." If I did not know you to be loyal Troubleshooters, I would suspect that you were trying to pass along messages in some kind of code. I expect a full explanation for this behavior.

Be prompt for the briefing, Troubleshooters! And with our combined loyalty and the Computer's more than sufficient resource support, we (and by "we", I mean YOU) should easily be able to eradicate this menace before the 23rd hour of this seventh day-cycle. The Computer's Tip for the Day: Happiness is mandatory. Are you happy?

High Programmer Dorkelf
AJ-X-MBT-42 Reporting for duty.

Reason for application: Training and mastering the underground ways of shooting from the hip has lead me to pursue a more noble career than petty street fights. I wish to devote my services to Friend Computer and Alpha Complex as my services shall be used better and to..erm..'make-up' for the..erm..'mysterious disappearances' of clones 1-41.

As for Bouncy Bubble Beverage, may I say: B^3 is the best! In concordance with Drian-R-1, it is truly amazing and helpful with the new glow-in-the-dark feature.

I am by no means an expert of OSRS 2.0, however, I wish to fully promote its success and future by defending it by any means possible.

Pardon me, I shall be training...*walks off with a custom-made dual-rocket launcher swinging from his hip as well as multiples of standard-issue eqiupment*

[I have about...5 20-sided die, and a brass 100-sided...yet my availablity is questionable, i shall attend when possible.

EDIT: on a side note, i made my name more fun..AJ for my name here...X for like the ultimate type, MBT for main battle tank, and 42...is the answer to life the universe and everything]
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Citizen AJ-X-MBT-42, The Computer has certainly gifted you with wit and humor beyond anything I've ever seen in a clone of lowly Infrared security clearance. That joke about the customized rocket launcher really made me chuckle. I can appreciate humor...never really could manage it myself, but definitely can appreciate it. I will put aside my jealousy long enough to let you know that you are hereby promoted to security clearance Red. Congratulations, citizen. Your new clone-name is AJ-R-MBT-42. Please report to your local PLC to receive your new uniform and laser. If they are able to process you quickly enough, then please report to TSK sector this seventh day-cycle, at the 20th hour-cycle, to join your fellow Troubleshooters on an important mission.

Now, AJ-R-MBT-42...we all understand that there are only six clones in a typical clone-family, but nomenclature glitches are known to happen, particularly for Infrared citizens. I looked into this and discovered that you are, in fact, the first of your clone family. So, no need to worry too much about what happened to AJ-X-MBT-1 through AJ-X-MBT-41. That is an order, citizen. The Housing, Preservation, Development and Mind Control service group (HPD&MC) informs me that your only extant clone-siblings number AJ-R-MBT-43 through AJ-R-MBT-47 (naturally, they received the same promotion, being identical to you in every way). I look forward to meeting them, citizen, but I have a hunch you might manage to stick around a while.

Wait...what was that you said again about having an unregistered weapon, of a type that is not normally available to citizens of your security clearance?

Well well...maybe I'll get to meet AJ-R-MBT-43 sooner than I thought...

Sigh. Like I said, citizen, no matter how hard I try, humor just seems to escape me.

High Programmer Dorkelf
High Programmer Dorkelf, I'm available whenever you need me! I have been summoned by a docbot for quarantine due to a suspected contamination by a Commie-produced virus. But the docbot says I should be released by the seventh day-cycle. I'm sure the bit about my next clone was a joke!

[Translation: I've been knocked out by a cold. I feel blechy and tired. However, I should be fine by Sunday. And Dorkelf knows my schedule. You know, married to him and all that... Which will gain me no favor in the game, be assured.]
[Darn i was hoping that as a fellow guild mate i get +20 extra HP... *cry* all my dreams are ruined!:p
Sorry to here that Dea, that would explain why you werent at PvP last tuesday.. BTW, this thing is on sunday right? i forgot and dont really feel like checking *sigh* i will anyway.]

High Programmer Dorkelf! Commies have attacked me and have wounded me to the point of being unable to attend at the end of this week-cycle.

[Its a party for mine and my cousins birthday that day with my dad's side of the family.. i tried to think of a story, but what i wrote above was the best i could come up with, spur of the moment. I just realized this, and i wont be able to make it, unless its late... which i would hate for that to happen. Maybe you can PM me stuff or what not. You can even record the TS stuff and send it to me and i can do stuff that way. Have fun tho!]
Very well, citizen. Now I understand why STC-R-DRG-4 was logging on in your stead. Thank you for your service, Citizen. While it may be true that the Computer's report surrounding this Communist attack against yourself is missing key facts...such as, how you were wounded, and with what, and by whom, and where you were at the time, and in fact any useful information at all...I'm sure you got the Commie, and that's all that really matters, isn't it? Follow your docbot's orders, Citizen, because I expect you to be rehabilitated in time for next weekcycle.

I hereby postpone the Mission Alert to allow Citizen STC-R-DRG-1 time to recover. Today's mission will be re-assigned to Vulture squad RXG-13. A new Mission Alert is hereby established for all Troubleshooters, next seventh daycycle at 20 hours [Sunday 10/21 at 8 PM EST].

High Programmer Dorkelf
Your understanding and mercy is bountiful and inspiring High Programmer Dorkelf! I am honored to serve under you and Friend Computer. I will make it my top priority to recover fast and well!

I'm so excited to be reporting for Troubleshooter duty today! I hope I get to use some of my inventions...

What? They work just fine! The explosions don't mean a thing.

Ishy-O-GOO-2 reporting as well if there is still space available.

(I would still like to participate. I was exhausted the other night and ended sleeping 11 hours. Which spots are open? I can make a totally new char, too.)
[ I was never given the character sheets, or at least i dont htink so...*goes to check overly-full inbox*]
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Ishy-O-GOO-2 reporting as well if there is still space available.

(I would still like to participate. I was exhausted the other night and ended sleeping 11 hours. Which spots are open? I can make a totally new char, too.)

Welcome Citizen. You are hereby reassigned to this Troubleshooter service group and directed to relocate to TSK sector. In order to satisfy your well-meaning curiosity about exactly how Troubleshooter teams are going to be formed, let me explain. The Computer has graciously allowed me to implement a new system for forming Troubleshooter teams, which allows Troubleshooters some added flexibility while minimizing the need to replace missing Troubleshooters with valuable bots or citizens who may have other important duties. Troubleshooters such as yourself are recruited and reassigned to TSK sector, but they continue working in the capacity of their previous service group until a mission becomes available and they accept. I expect that over time there will be a lot of competition between clones in our Troubleshooter service group to be the first to volunteer for mission teams as they are formed. But for now, as we're building up the Troubleshooter service group, both I and the Computer accept that some teams will be difficult to adequately fill. An elite Vulture squad has been temporarily assigned to us for situations where a mission team cannot yet be filled by our new recruits. It would be shameful for this to continue too long, but again I'm confident that we'll soon be up-to-speed and ready to face the Commie hoards. The safety and security of all Citizens, as well as the integrity of our utopia, depend on it. That's why you and all others in your service group can be proud to be in the front lines against The Computer's foes. And I can be proud that my new system is going to work more effectively than any that has ever been tried in Alpha Complex. And when I'm proud, I'm happy, and that's really what's important in life, isn't it Citizen? Yep, that's what's important. For ME to be happy.

Carry on, Citizen, and enjoy your day-cycle.

High Programmer Dorkelf
[ I was never given the character sheets, or at least i dont htink so...*goes to check overly-full inbox*]

[There is a character creation thread in this forum. That will have the link you need to download your character sheet and instructions for filling it out. If you have any questions, PM me. And please try to attend our next 'mission alert' if you can - this will probably be on a Sunday night sometime over the next few weeks.]
[There is a character creation thread in this forum. That will have the link you need to download your character sheet and instructions for filling it out. If you have any questions, PM me. And please try to attend our next 'mission alert' if you can - this will probably be on a Sunday night sometime over the next few weeks.]

[I'll do my best..but once again, for sundays i dont always know what's going on..]
[lol, nice Paul. When you are happy everything is good right? Ha, that made me laugh. YAY HUMOR!]