I have already posted the event - I will go in game and change the event to reflect a possible Leftovers run as ICC 25. It is so good to be flexible.

If Adam is unavailable to make it should I maybe try to co-lead it? I am assuming Anita that you would take lead but we'll see. I would rather do 25 because of the loot drops.

Check the in game calendar to sign up!
doh..I guess I should have checked the forums before I was deciding whether to log in on Sunday :)
Looked like we were going to have to 10 man it but at the last couple mins before 2 we got a bunch more bringing us up to around 16 or so. I'm not sure exactly how many spots we filled with puggers but all in all it was an enjoyable run! Sadly, Adam's mouse was having issues and he couldn't lead us, but there were enough ppl with experience that me as a noob leader managed to send ppl to the right places at the right times (or they just ignored me and did it right). We downed all the bosses including rotface in one shot and took two tries at professor (had about 10% left the first time and 12% the second). Thanks all for coming and your input!
Thanks for putting together the run. It was enjoyable. Sorry that I messed up on the prof. It probably cost us the kill. I am so used to dispelling that I dispelled the abomination. Always did it as dps before. 1st time with my priest. Next time I will know better.
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No worries John - I've done the same thing before, just reflexively cleansing away...

Considering how easily we were getting to phase 3, I don't think we'll have any trouble killing him next time.
I apologize for both Christine's and my absence but we were invited to dinner by my mother and step-father and could not decline their invitation. Since we knew we'd have to bow out before the conclusion of raid time we both felt it was better to not join than join and drop forcing the raid to find replacements at such a late time.

We'll hopefully be there next weekend...
Alas I can't be there yet again for next week's run...I am hoping to battle for top 3 in dps now too :) I will easily have my completed Bloodmage 4 piece set by then so it should be interesting.
Keep your eyes open for this to run on a Sunday afternoon hopefully within the next 5-6 weeks. Hoping for 20 TF members so we can keep it an all guild run and go for multiple achievements. Please be well geared, prepared to be in TS, and know the fights.
joe, why would you want to run a 25 man run, now days when the loot is the same and you are saved to both if you run a 25 or a 10 man, instead doing 2 10 man runs is a better option in my option and more likely to get enough people to go.
actually you're wrong there Rhys... while yes with 2 10 you get the chance for both to go off, with a 25 man the loot tables all change... BH is a big example, 2 10 mans give 4 total pieces of loot... 1 25 man gives 6... this means better odds of getting what people need... works the same way with other cata raids, however I don't have a free raid cooldown to burn yet...
Joe, is it your intention to gather 20 guildies to run a Cata raid? If so, which one(s) or which bosses? Or are you resurrecting the ICC run?
Actually Anita hit it on the head. I was hoping to run ICC with a guild group; hence why it is in this same thread of our old raid group on Sunday afternoon. Easy to wade through and get achievements as we go. If we don't have enough then we'll make it a 10 man run but i've been asking around and there seems to be lots of interest to just plow through ICC. Some people didn't actually make it past 6/12 so might be a chance of getting some people's feet wet.