Berstromme, I love that data. It is so useful and really appeals to the analytic in me. I used something like that before but forgot the name. What program is that?
I use LoggerHead to gather the data while raiding. It creates a file that you upload to the site which then compiles and breaks down the data (well your computer does that then uploads it to the site to be displayed/shared).
Will Leftovers still try to run? I think the flex raiding set up makes it a little more difficult to set up a fresh run later in the week. I may be the only one with this opinion though. I completely agree that this run is totally relevant for those that are using alts - do we still have the numbers then? I guess I just need another 80 that I will bring along; problem solved.
Took half an hour longer to fill (2:30) but we managed to fill all the spots in the raid with guildies and sga'ers. We had multiple d/cs and people having to leave, and after our typical issues with marrowgar (healers needed to focus on tanks more) we one-shotted all to Saurfang. Hopefully we can keep running ICC25 and have people who aren;t locked out. We will certainly continue trying to run as long as there is at least 17 people in by 2:00.
Christine and I are back in town and eager to actually raid together again. I just know that Moredhel is now completely out of the equation for availability as it's reserved for our 10 man that runs the night before.
I knew I was on Worship for a large chunk of the day so that's why I jumped on an earlier ICC. I will reserve Jethiel for this run if it looks like I can make it - I want to concentrate on leveling my Pally now anyway. Still working out of town but I think I figured out how to tether my iPhone. I will try and pay attention to my data use as well but I have 3GB/month so I should be fairly safe.
I think we were surprised to be able to fill the run...as the name indicates it is for leftovers (not mentioning those guildies who plan to attend the run with a toon). We'd be glad to see whomever can make it.

One thing I'd like to mention (and I may be preaching to the choir as I'm not sure that the people who have done this are in the forums) but it is generally in good taste to provide yourself with ample time for a run (we run from 1:30-4:30) or not join into a raid. With the new lockout we may be able to fill spots as we go further, but generally if you are going to enter a raid you should have allowed yourself enough time to see it through. (Unless of course something happens in real time in which case take care of it for sure)
Kim and I will hopefully be able to make it every other Sunday starting this one if there is room as well.
I would just like to urge more people to use the calendar sign up if possible. I have noticed that our numbers on the forums are nowhere near a clear representation of how many active members are in game. Thanks for putting the reminder in the message of the day section of the guild tab but since it doesn't come up as a default message on WoW startup most people probably aren't reading messages posted in there now anyway.

Maybe I should just clam up as well. I have turned from being a spontaneous nutball into a pretty rigid planner (my job demands it) so I need to just let go, enjoy that Anita and Adam have infinite patience for having it run nice and casually. Maybe I should post in prayer requests that I gain some spunk and flexibility back :) <--really not kidding...*strolls over to prayer request area*
I would like to sign up on the calendar but nothing is scheduled for this week. Has the "leftovers" raid been cancelled or is it just an oversight that nothing is posted on the in game calendar?
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I actually forgot to post the event, but that was due in part to me having to check our schedule. Adam and I have a church meeting from 2-3 (and 4 kids in choir at the same time/place) so we won;t be leading leftovers this weekend. Not sure if anyone else wants to try and lead a foray in there (perhaps a 10 man for the guildies with toons leftover).
I actually forgot to post the event, but that was due in part to me having to check our schedule. Adam and I have a church meeting from 2-3 (and 4 kids in choir at the same time/place) so we won;t be leading leftovers this weekend. Not sure if anyone else wants to try and lead a foray in there (perhaps a 10 man for the guildies with toons leftover).

I have never led a raid but would love to learn some of the basics - doing this within a TF setting would probably allow for the most compassionate group as I learn. I just have no idea how to do raid checks, raid warning messages, and loot rolling and distribution. I also need to make a macro to spam TS3 info (but all TF'ers should already have TS3 up and running if it is a complete 10 man TF team). Probably no better way to learn than to do it I guess.

I would be willing to try leading an ICC 10 for leftovers this week if we can switch it to being an evening event for just this week. Any interest? I would also appreciate if someone who has led would just attend in case I run into stumbling blocks :)
Readycheck = /readycheck
Raid warning = /rw insert your text here

Adam uses a loot addon but for our 10 we simply link loot in raid and let people roll for main and, if no one rolls for main, offspec.
Done and done. Thanks Dan and Adam; I will also need to figure out the default raid frames and moving people into certain parties. I was noticing that it looks like you can tag healers per tank and then place the rest of the party with another healer in the second column. Should be fairly easy to work out.

So my hope is to get 1 MT, 1 OT, 3 heals, 5 dps - I am guessing it will end up 3 ranged and 2 melee; would love to have a rogue along and probably a shammy for heroism in plague wing. Problem is the birthday party we are going to only starts at 4 pm so I am guessing we will have our kids in bed just before 8. Does 8 pm MST Sunday evening work for those that are interested? I am pretty bummed about starting so late because I have to be up at 5 a.m. the next morning (have to be in Calgary before 8:30 a.m.) So I am making sure the run does not extend beyond 11 pm, give or take a couple of minutes depending on what boss we are on.

If we are flooded with takers then maybe we will need to make it a 25; or split into 2 ICC 10's? Just like Adam noted above there haven't been that many ICC pugs running so maybe there is more interest this time around.
Thanks much for volunteering Jeth! It is appreciated here. I usually like running with the guild. Not too much for pugs. I will be there on Sunday (just about any time after noon is ok except from 6:30pm to 7pm mst). Holy Priest or Resto Druid heals or Warlock dps (all abt 5800gs). Whatever you need.
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Joe, I may be available that late :) as our meeting runs in the afternoon in which case we could still try to do ICC25 man with people who have their raid lockouts leftover...I still have Wends (and I may actually get around to speccing and glyphing my shammy healer so she;d be available too)