ICC Rep runs ...

Dan, I'd like to bring Guilo to next Thurs run. I'll sign up next time I'm in.

Once Guilo reaches exalted, then Chimon will probably be ready.

Thanks, Eric! I may need to work on Atavus' tank gear so we'll have that option. :)

Alan, would love to see a rogue in the rep run. It would be nice to be able to pop the traps without being in the middle of a mob at the time. :D
@ Rhys - assuming you can run that fast. Half the raid may still end up dead. Rogues make this part much easier.
i agree rather have a rogue int here but We have ran many times out takes longer but hey it life :D
We have an early warning detection system that works well

When someone triggers the mob doing a normal pull.....

Rhys starts yelling "I got him I got him"

Everyone else backs out.

Rhys dies

Mobs reset and we rez Rhys,

Just as good as a rogue :)
Last week's rep run didn't happen due to lack of interest. We're posting another ICC-10 rep run for this Wednesday at, I believe, 6:30 pm server (which is 6:30 pm Mountain Daylight Time). If we have the same lack of interest this week as we had last, this will be the last rep run we will host. We're creating the run because we heard there was interest but if people don't show up that seems to indicate there's a lack of interest.
It's okay, Allen, I understand changing schedules. :) Unfortunately, you weren't the only one who didn't show up... :(

In terms of time, I think staying for less than two trash clears or going beyond four is detrimental to the group, so if anyone's interested in signing up please be prepared to put in a good hour or two.
We eventually got 10 people to do this, but considering how long it's taking us to find people to do this I don't think it's worth the effort to keep scheduling one...
May I rez this thread? I wouldn't mind seeing at least the first section of ICC (which is what a rep run is, correct?)

I will be hopping on tonight and hoping to get some interested TF'ers for it - obviously I can't run it so might just have to PUG...hmmm, sounds like a recipe for disaster.

I will just hope there is enough interest in 9 other members that we can put a mini-run together tonight :) Better to run it with guild and fail than to frustrate a PUG because I don't know any of the fights.
rep runs indicate killing the trash up to the first boss and then restarting the instance and doing it again about 3-4 times. In this way no one gets saved to the instance but they get the rep from killing the first mobs. The issue with "mini" runs is that people get locked out of the instance for a week so most people want to do as much as they can not as little.