ICC Rep runs ...


I'm tossing around the idea of doing an ICC rep run on Saturday evenings, some time after 6:00 server time. I have one well geared tank (ruinblade) and any of my non saved toons (1 healer, 2 dps and a tank). I am looking to gauge interest. I would need one other geared tank and at least one other healer. I will be using wow heroes to determine if your toon is suitable for ICC 10 man. It isn't the be all and end all but it is a tool to help. The other tool is gearscore, my experience with it is those with a gearscore of 5000+ is geared for it. Again it is just a tool, at this point, I'd like to see if we have enough ppl interested.

Oh and yes I would be leading it ... beware ;)
well, if 5000+ gear score is needed then neither of my 2 80s are geared for it. wowheros on the other shows is ok for angus and on the edge for buto.

but i am interested on either character.
Christine and I would be very interested in rep runs. We'll need at least two more runs in ICC-10 to reach friendly with the Ashen. Please note that my tanking gear is way better than my DPS gear. If this precludes me for consideration, I'll see about making another rep run where I won't be a detriment to this one. :)
i would dps if it mind someone else tankign since my guys both have good sdps gear
Mike he is talking in game gear score which I beleive is 2600 on wow heros I could be wrong
It's close to 2600 wow-heroes. As my tanking gear exceeds my DPS gear considerably I'm throwing my hat in the ring for tanking. :)
I am totally cool with running alts or your off spec as long as a whole, we have a solid group to get our clears done. I'll take "fast" clears later for lack of wipes up front :)

Ruinblade does not have an off spec so Niko will take one of the two tank spots but I am totally cool with ppl rotating the OT. So I think we have plenty of tanks to choose from. I would like to hear from our healers. Allanon is capable of healing for this but I would be as happy to run one of my dps if we have two healers who can keep us up.
Adam, with due respect, 5k is a bit high for the requirement. A month or so ago, even the most snobby of groups would accept 4700 or even a tad less for rep runs. Sure, higher gear makes it smoother, but its not like there are any bosses in play. Even WITH bosses in play, I was asked to come back repeatedly for one 25 man group while I was in the 4800 to 4900 range. Scheduling made me drop out of that group, but still....
I understand Ron, as mentioned these are guidelines. I am not interested in wipes but if you would like to run one with less requirements, there is pile of room for both.
Unfortunately, I am not in a position to run anything right now, or even participate in much regularly. Good luck on your run though.
I will heal Adam if you accept my 2600 wow heroes or 4800 GS gear level. Still working on it so by next run it may be higher.
Yes, while I am looking for "easy" mode of 5000, realistically, it is possible to do it with >4700 gearscore. I am looking for fast runs, try to get them to 15 - 20 minutes a piece, part of that speed will come with ppl having good gear but we can certainly have ppl with scores 4700+

The other thing is timing, I did try to form a group on the weekend and had only 5 people interested. Is there a better day for this?
The other thing is timing, I did try to form a group on the weekend and had only 5 people interested. Is there a better day for this?

My only suggestion for a pure rep run would be on Tuesday (like before or after the TF Raid Weekly) or Wednesday. This would allow you, at your option, of having mains from the existing ICC-10 to support the effort without forcing you to consider already-locked-out toons. While I would understand that people in an existing ICC-10 run may have no need for additional rep (as most of you are probably exalted by now), it would allow for the greatest flexibility to include toons in the GearScore region you are looking for.
I wasn't aware of it, but I would be interested. Massada is 5k on both specs and Jericoh is 5k on dps
Christine and I are leading a rep run this Wednesday at 6 server. This is not a replacement for our normal ICC-10 on Saturday but is in addition to it. Adam was kind enough to place it on the calendar for us, so feel free to sign up if interested.

If we can't fill in-guild, we're offering spots to our normal ICC-10 raiders and then will open it up to the rest of the SGA. Hope to see a few people there!
Thanks to all of you who made this rep run an outstanding success! We had almost all TF and managed to do three resets (four runs through pre-boss trash) for approximately 6K Ashen Verdict rep (disclaimer: you humans get 10% more).

We have another ICC-10 rep run scheduled for next Thursday at 6:30 pm server time. If we have the same level of turnout next week as we did this week, we'll try to make this a regular event. Even when Christine's and my toons finally reach exalted status, we each have two more toons that could use the rep. :D