Horrible Games

I thought maybe he meant the mods that some people have made for it, but I just wanted to make sure. I haven't played it online, is it any fun?
True Crime: Streets of L.A. is pretty horrible. Its like GTA but your a Cop. Has alot of swearing on just the music, the main character (you), does make funny, but disturbing remarks, in a Christian perspective.

"My name is Nick Kang, and I'll be your carjacker for today." "Oh man, this mess is gonna take a (beep) (beep) of paper work." "Dont mind if I take a little test drive...yeah right."

Even the civilians on the streets, finger you if u hit them. Funny, but rude.
That really stinks, well theres another game on my list of games not to get! I wish somebody would make a censored mod for GTAVC that got rid of all the sexual content, and cussing (but gave you the option to turn off/tone down the violence).
No game has ever offended me, and I doubt if any game ever will. I'm near impossible to offend, as I recognize games as an arrangement of pixels controlled by a joystick and some buttons.
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Quote[/b] ([toj.cc]hescominsoon @ Nov. 07 2004,11:15)]heh..they're not...anymore..<G>
nope, they were PWNED!! (banned)