Game vs. Reality


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My monk is female, but only because at the time I didn't really care for any of the male face/hair choices.

Years later I've invested way too much time finishing campaigns and getting skills and armor collected on her and I don't have the heart to change her to male or the money to justify the extreme makeover.


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Many of mine are to honor someone. The others the name comes, then the back story, which all determines the gender. The group is roughly 60/40 percent female/male. And the reality of each is always a bone of contention in Clan Erse.

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The Mighty Gerbil wins the thread. XD

Sniff, sniff I'd like to thank all the little people who made it so easy for me to plagiarize from. I intend to have this thread bronzed and displayed next to my carbonite encased twitter page. :p
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