Elder Scrolls Online

I will probably return when it goes buy2play. I have a lot of friends still playing and will be glad to pop in and say hi.
Would love to see you in game. I'm really enjoying picking it back up. I barely scratched the surface when it came out, but it is a lot of fun and very immersive to me in a way most MMOs aren't. I'm very much roleplaying it. Will probably take a couple of alts before I come up with a character concept I want to lock in on and live out.
Seems like FFXIV is definitely more demanding of my money.

I can't fathom at all why this wasn't just a 2-4 player co-op version of a normal Elder Scrolls (or Fallout) game, less concessions would have to have been made. Oh well.
I'm not sure if there is a guild running about anywhere. I don't have the time right now to offer to start a proper guild. I would join/start a social guild for ToJ (and its kin?), though.
I have been playing some. I could not start a guild due to time as well, but wouldn't mind teaming up with someone now and then.

My main characters are Baric and Raimerstha, both in Glenumbra, under level 10.
I will add you next time I'm on. My account name (probably easier for friend requests) is @KendrikTheRed.
Well, servers were down most of yesterday, and now after the update the game is dragging like a snail in molasses. If they don't fix this game, I may leave. Not going to spend money on something I can't play. Really sad that the game is almost worse with bugs now than it was over a year ago.