Dungeons; a start from the bottom

Christine and I had been doing heroic dungeon achievements before her temporary move to Arizona but with the three hour difference between us and the amount of work that her family needs done we just haven't been able to work on this together. The one time that she had enough free time to do so we ended up doing a PuG of Heroic Violet Hold only to see the self-proclaimed expert on getting the achievement Dehydration mess up the switches. x( On the other hand, we got the Les-Rabi achievement in a PuG before she went to Arizona and we had difficulty getting this in a guild group...
Lance T (Hylia/Sanctovo) is running the old raids for achievements every Thursday at 7:30 server time. Check the in-game calendar. All are welcome to join as long you meet minimum level requirements for the instance.
I plan on joining every Thursday that I am around. Alas, I have a meeting at church tomorrow evening from 7:30 to 9:30 :(