Dungeons; a start from the bottom


Hey everyone,

Anyone with low level chars are more then welcome to post in here as I am almost 16 and close to starting off with the first dungeon run. Would be great to do this with Forgiven members...:cool:
I don't think I have any alts of that level. But I'd be happy to bring my 80 mage and wand thru the place with you :)
My first dungeon was fun; our group of 5 made it to the first boss with only one wipe...sad thing is I don't know what the dungeon was called. But when I died it felt like I ran across half the world and thank goodness I was following a guy or I would have been lost! I think we were running ghosted through a horde territory. It was pretty cool.

It also looked like there were a couple of other options for dungeon runs; I wasn't sure what I was doing. I'll just keep refreshing this thread when I hit the next dungeon so hopefully some of you have chars that you have just lingering around these smaller levels.
are there different sections to the deadmines though? I read up on it on wowwiki and it felt like we made it through too quickly for it to be as long as the blurb on the dungeon made it out to be. Plus the group I was with asked if we should attempt a couple of other things after being done with this run (?)

Lots of fun and will be doing as many of these as I can.
If you were using Dungeon Finder, at lvl 15 you get dumped into Ragefire Chasm, which is an instance right inside the Orc capital of Orgrimmar.

Joe, if you give me some advanced warning, I can heal runs on my priest.
Most likely tonight - have worship practice first and then WoW'ing cuz I haven't been on much in the last week. Been insane busy!
k, level 26 randoms tonight. If you are in range and want some fun - come hang out!

7:30 server time (8:30 MST - I noticed last night that server time and MST are no longer synced due to Daylight savings)
it depends on the instance depends on the server time since each instance is held on a certain server it has been this way for a about a year, the server is still mst
It's because Server Time is Mountain Time, not Mountain Standard Time. During Daylight Savings, it's Mountain Daylight Time. During non-Daylight Savings, it's Mountain Standard Time.
Then maybe I will just post *event to do blah blah blah - (time here) MDST. hehe

Which is almost every evening honestly...guess maybe i will just shout out on Guild chat each time for my random runnings.
Or you could simply specify Realm Time, which corresponds with Mountain Standard Time when it's not Daylight Savings and Mountain Daylight Time when it is. :D

Our dear governor for the Great State of Indiana (oh, cue the sarcasm alert) pushed through legislation to drag the state into the Daylight Savings Time arena. Unfortunately, parts of the state still don't operate under DST rules (parts of the state are on Central Time — the state itself is on Eastern Time) in that they don't observe DST at all... So, DST madness is built-in to my personality. :D
Would people with newer 80's toons want to get achievements from the dungeons that no one runs at 80 anymore? I'm thinking EoE, OS, Naxx, Ulduar. Just wanted to gauge if there is any interest. My guess is that everyone has their specific *achievement* character and on others don't really care. I am just noticing that I'm jumping in randoms so much just to get badges and looking forward to gear but now am interested in seeing as much content as I can. I'm loving the Thursday nights of older dungeons for 60's and 70's but want to see if anyone will run these 80's with me...

I ran Sunwell Plateau with a PUG 25 a couple of days ago and even though it's a fairly simple walk through it was awesome to see the content and storyline.
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