Dungeon Defenders is awesome, just saying.

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Don't really want to spend $10 on a game no one is playing anymore.

Guess I'll just have to watch my friends list and see what ya'll are doing before I buy it.
That's what I do. It seems like DD hit like a flash in the pan. In it's defense though few games seem to last more than a few months and a game would have to for me to want to buy it.


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PC version + Xbox 360 USB wired controller + Microsoft's Xbox controller driver works great.


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PC version + Xbox 360 USB wired controller + Microsoft's Xbox controller driver works great.
Or a Logitech F710 (which is wireless, but which Windows recognizes as a Xbox 360 controller in XInput mode). :D

EDIT: So when are we going to put together a Dungeon Defenders event? Maybe this Thursday night or Saturday?


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none of it matters when THE SERVERS ARE DOWN!

and you forgot to install TF2 on your new pc and its taking forever!


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well it wasn't on purpose, my main PC MB fried and I had to scavenge parts from stuff i had lying around. Its just a side-grade, and had to reload windows but I did put it in a nicer case and 8gb ram thanks to black Friday.


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Bumping because I finally bought the game. I thought it was pretty cool. I don't usually get into tower defense, but being able to get hands on in the thick of things made the tower defense not just strategic but also fun. I also love the colorful art style.

...but then I played with some ToJ guys last night... and the game was way, way cooler. The insanity of what's going on isn't quite overwhelming, but you can't just sit back and laugh at the ease of the game, either.

Hopefully, I'll actually be able to contribute to groups sooner than later, too. I feel like I was mostly just along for the ride (and leveling up our defenses) while Gator and company boosted my character's level. haha

Awesome game and still only $3 on Amazon. Link. Link should give referral credit to CGA, but it's a link I hacked together, so check with Atown for an official link if you wanna be extra sure.


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I finally decided to pick up the game and played a bit Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It definitely is a lot of fun! Hopefully, I can try to hook up with you guys sometime soon. Of the three classes I've tried so far, the Squire is by far and away my favorite. :) The Slice and Dice turret is the epitomy of coolness!