City of Heroes Free(dom)!

Breaking News!

We're selling a car and I've got a strongly interested buyer who wants to stop by later this evening. Sorry guys, but I do not know if I will make it online tonight or not. If I do, it won't be until probably 9pm or later. (Central time)

I'm hoping he gets here early but I won't be picky, especially if he buys the car. :)

Luvdiscgolf (a.k.a Fidoc in game)
Thanks for hanging around last night until I could get on and join you. Every time I log on I get reminded of how much I still really, really like the game. I guess I need to just play more. By the way, thanks for the heals! The debuffs for the bad guys help a lot also. :) It would be cool if a few more people would join in; we have such a nice core group with Tanker, Defender and Corrupter, that any more heroes would just add to the group and make it even better.

Here's looking forward to next Thursday!!!

Luvdiscgolf (a.k.a Fidoc in game)

I may be online this coming Saturday afternoon but will plan to play my other character, a new heroic Mastermind named: Declan Devalis. Fidoc only gets played on Thursdays. :D
It's Thursdaaay!

I've still got the superjump Safegaurd charged up from last week, hopefully Notashamed will be here to pick that up (unless she got a travel power on her own already). It's like 3 levels below the rest of us so it should be very quick, then on to more worthy foes! :)
Sounds like fun! I picked up Superjump last week when I hit 14 but I'm always up for taunting some baddies to assist in the beatdown. :)

Luvdiscgolf (a.k.a. Fidoc in game)
Reminding people of the existence of this thread. Business trips and holidays should be done for a while, I hope to be there the next couple Thursdays!
I recently installed City of Heroes, so I might be trying it out soon-ish. I'm hoping to put together a Dungeon Defenders game night this Thursday then I have a 7-day free pass in WoW which I plan to start Friday night, but maybe Jan. 18? Too many games, not enough time.