City of Heroes Free(dom)!

Yes, please make a healer! What can I say, healers are a Tanker's best friend. :) Anyway, is there a particular evening that we could try to regularly play that would work for a few people? Personally I know Thursday evenings are usually open for me. Please post what works and let's try to organize at least one evening per week to play!

Luvdiscgolf (a.k.a. Fidoc in game)
Danny's a Kinetic Defender, which has one minor heal, and a bunch of damage and defense bonuses for teammates.

I'm a Radiation Corrupter, which has one minor heal, and a bunch of accuracy and defense bonuses for teammates.

If Fidoc can tank for us so we don't have to kite every fight, I think between our 2 minor heals, 2 defense buffs, and the -83% damage -30% accuracy debuffs for the bad guys, we should be able to keep him alive fairly well :)

A controller with a heal/shield/buff/whatev in secondary would probably round out the team nicely, but I don't think we need a straight Empathy defender or anything. An aoe root/hold would be great for keeping enemies clustered for our debuffs, and Fidoc's punchvokes :)
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Thursday works well for me as well. If i'm going to get into the game and stay for any length of time, I'm hoping that there will be some people other than Turbo and myself available on other days, too. Two people has been enough for fun, but we need a tank! :)
We are going to be playing in a few minutes. Anyone with a hero on Defiant that isn't currently engaged in the weekly TF2 game, come join us in Team Speak!
We successfully prevented a bank robbery, a store robbery, and a jailbreak, and rescued Dillo, with only a single death on my part when I stupidly aggro'd 2 groups >_< Looking forward to getting more people to enjoy our aoe buffs and debuffs! :D
Thursday game nights

Does 8pm Central seem like a reasonable start time?

Also, as long as there is at least one or two Defenders in the group, it doesn't matter if anyone is the Empathy super-healer build. The buffs and debuffs that the other lines offer can make the group work just as well. Now a Force Field Defender is a bit unusual to see but I have seen them at high levels and they can get totally crazy. But the key is to play something you have fun with! If there's not a Scrapper in the group yet, that could be a welcome addition also.

I'm not sure what level my Tanker is up to yet, but I will try to log on this afternoon and see if I can get a couple levels; I don't think I made more than a few levels yet, life's been a bit busy. :)

Luvdiscgolf (a.k.a. Fidoc in game)
We'll see how we do as a full group (which depending on everyone's level might be quite different from how it will do at level 30+), but I imagine 3 support + 1 tank will be lacking in damage and cc. As mentioned a Controller with good aoe roots/stuns (and pets for our aoe buffs!) would be nice, and could have a healer secondary if desired, and a Scrapper would be a great secondary tank and contribute a LOT of damage with all our buffs (+25-50% from Danny, eventually up to like +400% when he's level 32, and then multiply all of that by about 140% from my EF...and then Scrapper Crit!). Blaster could work as well, but would have a little more trouble when our Tanker is unavailable.
I can be there tonight. I'm afraid I may be low level (I'm still 7ish now, I work on leveling some today if I can), but we can see how it goes
I cannot join on Thursdays. I'm probably not much of a good person to team with anyway as my schedule is unpredictable with 2 small children. That, and I'm finding DCUO much more appropriate to my play style preferences.

That being said, I highly recommend you run through the Sewer Trials. I leveled up twice each run. With a competent group, you can run through it in about 10-15 minutes. If you get 6-8 in your group (I think) you encounter arch-villains along the way which drop some nice enhancements. It's a great way to get out of those lower levels fast. There were always a number of people looking for people so they could start runs by Ms. Liberty.
I plan to be online this evening, hopefully between 8 and 8:30 p.m. central time. My character, Fidoc, should be level 10.
I'll be on same time as well. I'll spin up a temp CoH channel in TeamSpeak again. See ya in about 45 minutes.
Danny and I are here, friends list shows "Fidoc" still offline, don't know anyone else's name. Hop in teamspeak if you can!
At some point tonight, Danny and I will hopefully be taking on this guy for my Scrapper: If anyone else can come that'd be great! Check teamspeak.

Edit: Vanquished! The key was using fast attacks up close and backing off for big ones, because he had a lifedrain that punished people standing still at close range. I'll try to give more warning for the next one :)
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I typically play my scrapper when solo (level 29 atm), and save my defender for the ToJ group. He's currently 13, played him a bit today in order to unlock some nice missions for our next group night, including a Safeguard which unlocks a temporary Super Jump!

Dont think many people will be on THIS Thursday though, out vanquishing the recurring villain Dr. Turkeus... :p
Reminder that tomorrow is Thursday! Finish up that pie and dust off your mace! ^_^ (or lightning gloves, or radioactive suit, or...brain in the case of our resident Psychic :p )
Trust me, the mace cleaned up nice after our last adventure; only took a couple hours to shine it up... *wink, wink*

Looking forward to providing some 'gentle' persuasion to some baddies tonight, lol!

Luvdiscgolf (a.k.a. Fidoc in game)