bible study time

Sorry honey seems as if i got distracted tonight . As long as I'm in town Thur should work for me. Feels like maybe it's just not quite God's timing yet. It'll happen when He's ready. Blessings, "Angel"
no problem litsafalda, you're right its probably just God's timing. in reality, nothing truely bad ever happens, since everything happens for God's will and his glory right? lol.

I guess we'll set it in stone that thursday, at 10pm EST/9pm CST we'll do the meeting. hopefully it will be more than us three. but even if it is just us three we'll still do it.
ok so the meeting is this coming Thurs at 9 P.M. CST?? I will do my best to be there on time to chat with you guys..can't wait to meet you all\chat with you!!
hey guys- good meeting tonight. thanks to everyone who showed up. sorry i was a bit late/was away for awhile. I had just gotten home from the movies with my friends and i went straight to my computer, but my mom got after me for some things i've been neglecting for a long while, so I figured i owed her some time. so apologies to you guys for having some priority issues :/

at least i got the part i missed on recording
You recorded the meeting? Could someone post it please or post about what you developed....