bible study time

Hey guys.

sorry i havent responded in awhile- i've been at camp for a week. I'm excited about this... alot.

Yeah the monday at 10pm eastern sounds good for the study. Same with the meeting to discuss. In the other topic i posted to start a meeting but that was before i read this. So see yall monday at 10, on teamspeak.

We will use Rizz's agenda plus a few I added.

0. Elect someone to take notes.
1. rotation. to ahve it or to all be there every week. who leads when. who can make it when.
2. material. what you will use. what are the first few topics you want.
3. order of service. while it will be initially a chat/study i think there is the opportunity to expand it to prayer and even worship.. discuss.
4. capacity. the TS server currently only holds 16 people. shoudl it take off then we need to find another way to accomodate the people. Yahoo chat? any other ideas?
5. Anything else that springs to mind?
6. Prayer time

everybody come with open hearts and minds. This must be led and directed by God otherwise it will fail.

I will email everyone with this post so nobody misses it.

Also, i think we should "elect" someone to act as a secretary for the meetings, taking notes on what we discuss. *adds to agenda*

Well i'll talk to yall then.
gg.. i hope the meeting goes well and we can get this thing setup in a week or two...once everything is set i will start the publicity... But lets not rush..
It is now two hours before the meeting, and something has just come up, I will not be able to make it. I was hoping that it would have been delayed until later into the evening, it can't be.

Things I was going to bring up:

If we are going to study by book (Genesis, Joshua, Titus etc), I think we should stay away from books such as Ezekial as they are very advanced, considering that most people who will be attending will be new Christians, young christians or young people. Start with a book like Ruth.

I think studying people could provide for some interesting discussions.

I think as leaders, we should do some studies with eath other, such as the Timothy and Titus letters.

I'd be interested in hear how you would manage to do a worship service online

Even though the TS server only services 16 people, it may be possible to up its capacity if we were willing to pay for it. We should talk to Heiscomminsoon for more details. If it isn't possible, we need to know what the chat capacities are for the popular messanger services.

Also, I've picked up a little 100 page "How to be a leader" study book. It goes through some idea's of how to hold a bible study, agenda's etc... I can't remember who put it out and I left the book at work. I haven't finished it yet, but it seems on par. I'll post highlights when I am done reading.

If somebody could get me minutes, that would be grand.
HMmm I think you guys must have gotten lost on the way. No one here at the assigned 10 pm est. hmmmm waiting patiently as usual.
Wow. I'm such a stinking loser. I came home from work sick and forgot about the meeting. I hope you guys can forgive me, I feel like blecch.
heh yeah guys im sorry too- I was at church doin some good 'ol mulching and then went lookin for an ESV bible, and i also totally forgot about the meeting. Very very sorry. I think we should reschedule for sometime this week? we also need to make sure to pick a time when everyone can make it for sure, cause thats important. sorry again for being a stinking loser like espressomachine. :p jk. sorry for my forgetfulness and hopefully we will get this goin soon.

Peon you have some good ideas. I think going through a study as a leadership group would be really good. Also good ideas with books of the bible. I think whatever we decide to do we would meet together first and go through it first. These things can be discussed at our next, hopefully soon  meeting.

I should be free this week untill friday and saturday I will be gone. Next week is good. Then the 24th and the week of the 25th I will be gone in Guatemala on a missions trip.
So we should probably meet one or two days both this week and next week. Put when works best for you here.

hope ya get to feelin better soon espresso!
Ok I guess I don't feel totally left out again. Smiles. I can do any day this week up to 10 pm est except Friday it would have to be 10:30 or later. I know someone had been suggesting Thursdays but don't know when. Also I can again meet pretty much anytime next week except for Tuesday until 10:30 or so. Just keep me up to date as I still want to support you guys etc.... maybe even help by being a guidance counselor LOL.
Here is the info on the little book I picked up (its not a hundred pages, only 59 or so).

How to Lead A lifeGuide Bible Study
Jack Kuhatsheck & Cindy Bunch

A LifeGuide Bible Study Resource.

I have access to all the LifeGuide books at my local Christian Publications book store. I think they have others as well. I've also been looking at the resources on the web, and they really look like they are on par as well

I think we should all look at the different options and determine what set of resources we should use. And for the record, if we find that we may need to put down 10 or 20 dollars every few months to get some guides because they seem to be the best sources for what ever topic we will be covering, we shouldn't be afraid to do so. Choosing a resource because its free seems to be a bit materialistic. If the free resource is the better one for a specific topic, by all means, lets use it.
[b said:
Quote[/b] ] we shouldn't be afraid to do so. Choosing a resource because its free seems to be a bit materialistic. If the free resource is the better one for a specific topic, by all means, lets use it.

I agree but i also think there is the talent and level of knowledge within this group to get a good study from pretty much any material.. That is not to say we should settle for less..But i am sure all most of you need is an outline..Plus the online resources seem very good from what i have viewed so far.. though i havent looked very close yet.

Anyway its one thing you can discuss on monday.
umm, hello? I finally made it into the server but nobody was home. I was a little late tho considering i was busy with something untill 9:05 and then it wouldn't let me connect to the server untill i realized the ip i had was wrong and had to search the fourms for it. lol.
Smiles Now you know how this lady felt being left at the altar. I should be here this evening. Blessings,"Angel"
umm... its 9:45 central, which is 10:45 eastern, and it seems like espressomachine is the only one thats gonna show! we need to get this worked out. I'm gonna put in a vote for a thursday night meeting. same time. Does this work with everybody?