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Tribe of Judah Star Wars: The Old Republic Galacti
Welcome to Called to the Light!

This thread will be used for ToJ members to apply to join Called to the Light and to introduce themselves to the guild. If you wish to apply to join the guild, please post with your SWTOR Character Name and introduce yourself. The guild officers will look for you online to get you an invite. Also, you can look for us. The following characters are guild officers and can invite you in game.

Aleron's Toons:

Kahiel's Toons:

Rhematom's Toons:

If you are a guild member and would like to work as a guild officer, please contact Aleron via PM in these forums. Guild officers must be dependable and helpful to guild members.

Please restrict the replies to this thread as applications and/or introductions only. Thank you.
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Name: Mike
Age: 52
Occupation: I own an IT company providing computer-related services to business and residents in the Colorado Springs area.
Personal: Married for over 30 years :eek: , 1 daughter - 24 (played SWTOR beta), 1 son - 20.
Home: Colorado Springs, CO

Primary Character: See signature for current character list. I have five on Begeren Colony: Alerron (Sage), Akando (Sentinal), Mik'hael (Commando), Elyon (Smuggler) - all are lightside. I also have a darkside Shadow named Aler'on. I've been playing them fairly equally in order to build up funds (and companions) for crafting and because I enjoy each storyline. I have some Empire toons on other servers. I'm hoping to transfer some of them to Begeren Colony.

Other: I came to know the Lord in high school thanks to some persistent friends who happened to be on the wrestling team (one was on the football team with me) and "convinced" me to go to a lunchtime bible study. We attend a local PCA church, Village Seven Presbyterian (since 2002). I also occasionally go to Wednesday night services at Rocky Mountain Calvary.

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I guess I should introduce myself as well, since I am the Guildmaster.

My name is Tom Fallwell (from Oklahoma City), and I go by RhemaTom on most forums. I am 60 years old and own my own home-based software developing business. Currently unmarried (and will most likely stay that way unless God has a suprise for me some where lol), I take care of my 82 year old father (and he takes care of me) and my dog, Eightball (border collie and getting old as well).

I am a huge gaming fan and have played a lot of games. My main character in TOR is Baric, a Jedi Guardian, but I also play a few others a lot. I am a certified altoholic, that is, I thoroughly enjoy creating characters and tend to always have many. I also play Jagg, Tekus, Godan, and Thomlas in the guild.

I came to the Lord when I was working in Louisville, Kentucky, only a decade ago (2002), and He has been leading me down paths I would never have traveled without Him. I am Minister of Sunday Schools at my church, and teach Adult Sunday School. I also work the sound system and play music for Praise and Worship. I am a member of Inspiring Word Ministry, and attend regularly and also Wednesday night Bible Study when work allows it.

I am very happy to meet all of you and look forward to helping Called to the Light grow into a powerful witness for Christ. :)
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Hello, I'm PraisedGrace.
I am honored to be apart of this guild. I have looked for a true Christian guild for a long time now. I have not always walked in the Light, but have always been a true believer in Christ. I have found my way back into His fold and will hopefully never stray or doubt again. My family and I belong to an amazing Church.
I wish all my brothers and sisters in Christ a blessed day and hope to meet you all in game soon.
My main character is Noellah she is a sage, my secondary character is Calisandra is a gunslinger.. I've also created a third, Shebalba, a knight I'm not sure what she will turn into when she leaves the tutorial section.
Peace be with you all
Name: Michael
Age: 13
Occupation: Student
Personal: I have 3 cats and 1 dog, does that count?

Home: Dallas - Fort Worth Area

Primary Character: I am on CfD most of the time, but my main character for us is Narius, a trooper.

Other: I am currently still developing my walk with Christ.
Name: Bruce
Age: 26 in May 2012
Occupation: Sales Manager for a printed circuit board (PCB) company.
Home: Irvine, CA
Personal: I go to Mariners Church. I am also serving with a Christian music ministry that tours around the world to spread the love of God.
Primary Character: Zangetsu (Jedi Guardian) in Vrook Lamar server....and no, I don't plan on leveling an alt right now :p

Nice to meet you all!
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Hello from Nowi

I was not sure where to post this. I just wanted to say Hello to everyone. I just joined the forum and ToJ.

I've been a born again Christian for 30+ years. I was raised in the church...That makes me a Christian doesn't it. No, I accepted Christ when I was 9. I'm married and father of 3 (a Daughter and 2 sons). I used to play SWG and WOW with my sons but they are both in college now so...I'm looking for other Christians to make friends and game with.

If you are in game today and see Nowi, Give him an invite. See you folks in game. My Christ be with you.
Hello Nowi,

You posted this in the guild forums for Called to the Light, a Republic guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic. If you wish to join the guild then please make a post to the Application and Introduction thread above.

We would be very pleased to have you join us in the game.
Hey guys, I'm an officer for Called from Darkness, but wanted to check out some of the storyline for the Republic side. I'll be making a toon on your server soon, most likely a Jedi Knight (Sentinel).
Name: Tom
Age: 43
Occupation: Been unemployed for the past three years. I used to work as an "adjunct" college professor until there was a change in the administration (lot of who you know, not what you know). Just prior to that the Lord called me to go to seminary and I finished my M. Div. in 2010. I expected the Lord to have something for me by the time I graduated but that hasn't happened. Rather, our senior pastor retired over the summer, and since our new pastor has taken over, our church has started to really take off (from 90 to 175 in less than three months). So I have been "working" as a volunteer Education/Discipleship Pastor waiting for the next move in my calling.
Personal: Married since 1995, two boys 14 and 7.
Earthly Home: Toledo, Ohio

My main character is Phalen Tol on CfD. I have created a Jedi named Kahiel which I will get into the guild when I start leveling him. I found in WoW that I had a tendancy to start a bunch of characters to play with different classes but never got them high enough level to do the fun stuff. So I am focusing on one character at a time in SWToR.
Hi everyone!
Name: Carly
Occupation: Stay at home wife but soon to be a student as well.
I originally joined CftD but I was hoping that I could make a consular and see the storyline on the republic side. My sith warrior's name is 'Iolani' and my republic name is Kai'Kala. I hope to hear from you soon!
Hi Carly and welcome to the side of light and good! :p

I've enjoyed the Republic storyline so far. I haven't been on my Sith Sorc in over a month I think.

I'll look for you online. You can also search for "called" using the /who function.
Welcome to the guild. I cannot be online tonight, but one of our officers will probably get you invited. Glad to have you join us.
Hey Guys I would like to join you guys. I made a Jedi Knight named Avish.
Name: Scott
Occupation: Part time Stay at home dad Part time Finance Clerk
I have played WOW for many years and have been a part of Redeemed there. Tried SWTOR for a month, cancelled it and am just giving it another try. Looking forward to playing with you guys. I love the community that can happen in these games.