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This is not so much as an answered pray for my, though God has blessed me with my Job and Family... but I am reaching out to my friends and brothers and sisters in Christ to see if I can pass that blessing on.

Recently I was hired on at NICE and there are more jobs opening... Now there are more than the Engineer spot that I do... but that job is GREAT pay (Salary + OT) and around 25% travel.

Now if you live in Denver or New Jersey (Rutherford), where our offices are, than I can look up more jobs that don't travel as much and do require such a high Tech skill set. Or if you are willing to move I guess that would work too...

Here is what I posted on the general forums.
Hey my company is hiring right now and we have a lot of positions available in a wide range or jobs... The one that is really good is what I am. There is travel involve so if you don't want to travel 25% of the time I wouldn't even look into it... but it is a great company!

If you want more info, shoot me a message or email with Resume and I'll get you into the recruiters to look your info over.

If you want to look at the company it isNice Traded publicly as NICE

Check it out... Strong comapny and growing...

And if your a friend I'll bump you to the top. :)

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thanks for that post Dos!

praise report, cit got a skill level up at work as well as a raise! he has been promoted!


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After a whole week of trying to find where my loan check went, it's been found!! I have my materials on their way and I start classes on Monday!!!! PRAISE JESUS WHO IS FAITHFUL EVEN THROUGH OUR DOUBT!


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I finally have a job! I'm the new Worship leader/director/pastor at a church in the area. It's a plant so it's gonna be an interesting next few years, but God has been faithful even when I started losing hope.