a 4th Topic is STARTED!!!

C$ those are SECRET muffins.. and if it wasnt i secret i would also say that they wernt bran, but it is a secret so i am not able to disclose that info...

some day we should could how many times we have said any form of secret in this thread.
and we have 174 posts.. just wait a couple more months and we will get it to 400, then 800, then 1000, then there will be too much secrets in the world and it will expload... but thats all secret ;)
I don't have a secret to post about, but since that would be giving away a secret I can't tell you that, so I am posting this to make everyone think that I have a new secret when i really don't. However, that in and of it self is a secret so therefore I have created a new secret out of the lack there of. Wow that was fun :)