a 4th Topic is STARTED!!!

Woot a second and now 3rd Post in the 4th TOPIC!! We must be Butter cuz we are on a ROLL!!!
forget handshake we need a cool name!

i nominate the Stc's as our name.... <_<
Official Notice

All secret clubs must be approved by the reigning monarch. Please print neatly and submit your forms in triplicate.

Upon approval, you will be assigned a secret handshake. The average wait time for approval is currently 758 days. Have a nice day.

- Mirawyn, Queen of North America
but what if we arnt located in North America. What if we are in Asia, which has not controling monarchy? ...yet
LoL I love this Secret Club all the members rock! I like the Ones2dredd as the name lol.
The secret handshake for an underground resistance movement currently involves a rather complex choreography which must be performed while wearing a pink tutu. And a clown nose.
but this is a secret underground resistance society you don't know exists and you are not posting on this thread since it is a secret underground society thread. So.. since you do not know about it, nor posted on it (and because Asia is out of your jurisdiction) you are unable to assign us a secret handshake.