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    ToJ back in Elder Scrolls Online!

    OK ill send you an add this afternoon
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    St Patrick's Day 2017

    Happy Belated to all.Just remembered my log in lol
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    ToJ back in Elder Scrolls Online!

    I know this thread is a bit old but do we have any running Christian guilds in ESO? I'm newish to game but would prefer like minded folks instead of bad language lol Let me know if anyone has information who to contact in game Thanks Waynos
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    I'll try that tonight..hoping anet gets back to me soon...really need some game time lol
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    Still just the teamspeak cant get to work. Not to mention still waiting on anet so I can actually log into GW2 lol
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    Just announced at PAX South..

    I'm still waiting for anet to fix my Mobil authentication...I changed cell phones and cant get my verification code..sent a ticket on Sunday and still no reply. I'm having withdrawals!!!! Been a few months due to a very busy ministry,deaths in the family and they think I blew my left rotator...
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    I keep getting an error..deleted it and reinstalled it still getting n error for All other channels work fine
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    prayer needed

    An update is long overdue, My son's levels in his kidneys are close to normal and the blood in his urine is getting less and only can be seen under a microscope. They did an ultrasound on his kidneys and found no abnormalities or anything that could be a problem. His kidneys are a little...
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    Dragons and Hallerween O my

    Some of us just run around and smush stuff. Leaving the crazy stuff to others lol
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    where's Waynos (not Waldo)

    Sorry for my lack of activity lately. I am working at a recovery center to help and minister to people in recovery from various addictions. GOD has put it on my heart to use the victory HE gave me and put it to work helping others. I find it easy to relate to people due to being a slave to...
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    Is the guild still active?

    Yes they are still active. Mostly in-game. Although some of them do get on teamspeak each day at certain times (myself included) Our guild has a lot of members but not enough people have taken time to group up and get to know each other. Running dungeons,clearing zones or fractals together...
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    updated prayer requests

    Please keep my son "Anthonyluvsgod" in prayer. His blood pressure is back to normal and the swelling in HIS body has gone down. But his kidney functions are not normal and he requires several vital checks per week. My wife as she may need her tonsils out And me as I meet with the board of...
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    Characters Disappeared

    I'm looking at a stealthy damage dealer but not sure which route I should take
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    Characters Disappeared

    OK that makes more sense Kahiel..thanks for some clarity
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    Characters Disappeared

    I am preferred and you are right Aleron I found a scrap of paper with my old login info,tried it and my 2 characters were there. It reset my ability points so I have to try and remember how I had them. I'm only lv13 smuggler so luckily I only have 4 points to figure out. But obviously the...