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    Are we talking sausage sandwiches made with English muffins? Basically an Egg McMuffin except with sausage instead of ham? I tried McDonald's version, and while I can stand a regular Egg McMuffin, the sausage version was... unpleasant. My favorite breakfast sandwich at my local bagel shop is...
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    I like the idea. The whole reason I play MMORPGs is because it's the closest I can get to the tabletop roleplaying I loved as a kid. I'm kinda terrible about playing on a regular schedule, though. For a RP night (or guild WvW night for that matter), however, I could work on changing that...
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    Word Association GW2 version

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    Word Association GW2 version

    to be jolly
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    Word Association GW2 version

    sax and violins
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    Noob Alert

    Sporadic noob here! I spend too much time reading up on the game, so I often have information, and my jumping puzzle skills have gotten crazy better over the last year of playing the game, but in PvP or difficult boss fights I'm often about as coordinated as if I was flopping around on my...
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    Word Association GW2 version

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    Edge of the Mists

    Yes. I'm excited about the potential of this. They've chosen their first round of beta guilds at this point. Maybe we can get enough interest together to join in one of the later beta rounds.
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    Edge of the Mists If you haven't seen it yet, ANet is getting ready to test their WvW overflow system. It's a map where you can go to WvW while waiting in you queue for one of the four main WvW maps. It will spawn overflow...
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    Return of [CAMP]?

    I ran around in the SoR borderland with three strangers capping the Bloodlust points and killing sentries. Even with the insane skill lag it was fun. The huge majority of the population on the map was concentrated on a three-way fight in the garrison, so there were just small groups of us out...
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    Word Association GW2 version

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    LOL! Yes, and honey is actually regurgitated nectar from not one, but two different bees. And we all know where eggs come from. ;D
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    Word Association GW2 version

    Suzanne Vega