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    Team SoE - Labor Day PvP!!

    I don't get Labor Day off, but luckily Mondays are almost guaranteed to be homework-free every week. However, I may have an issue with clubs that I'm joining because the meetings are on Mondays... I'll see what I can do.
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    Greetings CGA, It's been a while since my last visit/last post, but I'd like to let you know that somehow I'm still alive. Right now I'm on some crazy path of pure greatness that comes from accomplishment. Normally I'm used to coasting by, hating school, etc., but now that I'm a freshman, I'm...
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    EMBOLDEN Endlessly Magnifying Bredth Over Long Distances, Even Neptune.
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    DREAMS Desires Realized Ending At Morning Sunrise
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    Your Love - apparently one word... A computer science trick: if you want to make two words into one, cram them together and capitalize all new words after the first, as in "yourLove" You Only Understand Real Love On Vacations Endless
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    Swearing appropriately in stories.

    On a side note which I thought of because you said that: You could do what computer programmers do and go Object-Oriented; if somebody's already written it, use their work for yourself without having to copypasta it! This has already been done several times in modern pop/hip-hop/rap music...
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    Joker Interrogation Scene Spoof

    I felt like the Joker here during the actual movie!
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    Entwined Haiku

    I'll get you next time! When Earth has gone full circle and the Nile rises.
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    Entwined Haiku

    (You're supposed to use the last line of the previous haiku for your first line.) But it is Your name, Lord, which we worship daily and owe all our thanks.
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    Entwined Haiku

    Syllables to say in Latin are separate if they are vowels. (If they are vowels which are separate, of course, not simply diphthongs.) [Yes, it's 5. AH-mih-cuss day-EE]
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    Entwined Haiku

    Ending misery with a line of poetry: Amicus Dei! (Edit: My piano teacher has a book full of these and they're about 100 great works of literature all condensed into 14 syllables. It's actually quite hilarious.)
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    Central Transfer Chamber - the NEW off-topic thread

    When I went to visit Colorado School of Mines, we flew in while it was hot and dry, and maybe 4 or 5 hours later it started snowing a few inches.
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    Swearing appropriately in stories.

    The way I see it is that a representation of truth is applicable to story-writing as a Christian. Of course, that goes with the usual limitation of moderation. Basically if it is true that characters would express themselves with curse words, and thus it is not a sin to use that in the story...
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    SAT/AP tests

    Hehehe, well I'm taking 3 IB tests and 2 AP tests, so I suppose I'm stuck in a situation similar to yours. However, seeing as I never study for tests, I'm not in any way worried about them (most of them are just writing a bunch of essays anyway, like the 3 essays I wrote in 2.5 hours for history...
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    Guild Wars is not Opening

    I see... It was a firewall issue. Thanks! :P I forgot that I didn't have GW already on the exeptions list (I had GW on the laptop that I replaced with this one; it worked on this one up until recently).