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Discussion in 'General Discussion [cga]' started by Tek7, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Atown

    Atown Christian Gamers Alliance Amazon Store Manager

    had some bnet credit so i picked up wc3 for the first time. Loving the campaign and lore.

    a little bit harder than i expected but good game to play
  2. Kendrik

    Kendrik Well-Known Member

    Mainstays are still my digitized tabletop games, primarily Ascension and Star Realms. Both still get my constant recommendation.

    Made some progress on Kingdom Hearts. I like it a lot.

    Picked up $10 Lego Worlds on PS4, though, and now it's the only game I ever want to play. For better or worse, I'm only playing it between the time waifu and kiddo go to bed and time I go to bed. It's simultaneously relaxing and engaging. It's an instant favorite even with its flaws.
  3. Patriot

    Patriot Active Member

    My competitive side (i.e. frustration when losing) with competitive games (War Thunder, Battlefront, etc) is starting to peek it's ugly head again. So while I'm still playing Battlefront II, I've also set up Skyrim for another run and created a High Elf. Since Skyrim is single player, I don't have the same level of frustration. It is actually rather relaxing as I wander the countryside striking down bandits and wolves.
  4. Tek7

    Tek7 CGA President, Tribe of Judah Founder & President Staff Member

    Still Puzzle & Dragons, though not as much because work has been busy.

    Finished the main quest in Breath of the Wild's The Champions' Ballad DLC. So good.

    Caved and finally bought Monument Valley 2 on Android for $5 after it didn't go on sale in December. No regrets, though I haven't had many opportunities to play it (that weren't preempted by Zelda--because ZELDA).

    Switched from stock Android to LineageOS + Franco kernel + Magisk recently, which allows me to play games that block rooted devices (i.e. Nintendo mobile games). I picked Fire Emblem Heroes back up and tried out Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. I don't see myself sticking with either long-term (and haven't played much of either after installing), but it's nice to at least have the option. Oh, right, I installed Super Mario Run and immediately remembered why I dropped the game after playing a few of the free levels. I <3 Mario games, but Run just fell flat for me. There's also Pokemon Go, but...meh.

    I only get to play Persona 5 after the kids have gone to bed and I've finished household chores, so I've made very little progress so far. Enjoying what I've played, though!
  5. Kendrik

    Kendrik Well-Known Member

    Already posted this week, buuuuut...

    Finished Mega Man 6 last night, marking the last game off the list from the first Mega Man Legacy Collection. I can now definitely say that I've played through all six NES games of the series.

    I already have the second collection (7-10), but I'm too engaged in LEGO Worlds and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix to start them up yet.
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  6. Tek7

    Tek7 CGA President, Tribe of Judah Founder & President Staff Member

    Still Puzzle & Dragons. But not much.

    Finally started Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Trial of the Sword, which is part of the first DLC pack. My hesitation was justified as the trial is 45 floors of increasingly difficult battles with almost no margin for error. If and when you die, you start over FROM THE BEGINNING. This is one of those quests that would have been fun in a season of life before I got married, got a full-time job, and had kids, but now? Can't say the idea thrills me. I've already died once (to a silly mistake; I accidentally caused a chain reaction with explosive barrels and KO'd myself) and clawed my way back past where I was. Last I left off, I had put the Switch to sleep on floor 7.

    Discovered that I'm just not that in to Fire Emblem Heroes or Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Probably won't be long before I back both games up using Titanium Backup, transfer the backups to my computer, and uninstall the games from my phone.

    Hardly any Persona 5 this week. :(
  7. Kendrik

    Kendrik Well-Known Member

    I'm on a work trip, and have been since Sunday. Not much opportunity to game this way. Playing my turns in Star Realms and Ascension on mobile, but that's about it. Did put in some work in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix prior to coming out here, though. Game's pretty good stuff.
  8. BlockHeadLewie

    BlockHeadLewie Moderator

    I'm making progress on my phone with Sim City: Buildit. Also progressing well in War Robots by Pixonic.
    Had some rare chances to get into the old CGA world of Minecraft. Managing to get my homestead looking better as well as minor repairs to walkways as I found them from spawn. Noticed what appears to be some massive damage to what I think was a neighbor's tower. Don't think anyone else has been on the server to play in a long time, other than myself.
    Should have my first motivational video uploaded within a week.
  9. CowRocket

    CowRocket Well-Known Member

  10. Patriot

    Patriot Active Member

    Skyrim didn't happen. I think I've over-played that game to death. I guess it's time to hang up my sword, settle down and bake sweetrolls.

    Playing Battlefront II, but I also started a new play-through of Fallout 4 to keep me calm. Using the Horizon overhaul and the language filter mod with gore toggled off. A handful of texture mods and one weapons pack designed for Horizon. It's a bit more difficult, but different and that keeps it interesting.

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