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Discussion in 'General Discussion [cga]' started by Tek7, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Atown

    Atown Christian Gamers Alliance Amazon Store Manager

    So Gamestop had a 4 for $10 on certain used-games that are $4.99, so I picked up Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Tenkai Knights Brave Battle, 2 copies each :)

    We love final fantasy music and that was even what most of our wedding music was. Stoked to get it in the mail
  2. Kendrik

    Kendrik Well-Known Member

    Oh man. I should have gotten in on that sale. Theatrhythm would be awesome.
  3. Atown

    Atown Christian Gamers Alliance Amazon Store Manager

    Final Fantasy explorers was just delivered. But we're having to stay at the hospital for a bit longer, so right now, I'm trying to play through the bravely default demo Around 12 AM to 4 AM.

    I've really been looking at these purchases as a investment for me and the Wifey to spend more time together when we have those moments and these are quick and easy are games to pick up and put down by the looks of it.

    Admittedly, I might have also picked up border lands one on the Humble Bundle, but I don't know when will have a chance to sit down place with that one together
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  4. Daedious

    Daedious New Member

    Just started playing Counter-Strike 1.6 again rofl. Forgot how horribly fun that game is to play with friend. Boring as heck without good friends to chitchat during it tho.
  5. Kendrik

    Kendrik Well-Known Member

    This week, it's mostly been a couple matches of Brawlhalla and a match of Paladins nightly. On the nights I've played anyway. Love both. Such great games. So playable as a free user, too.

    Last night, I booted them up to keep my daily login chains going (because gimme dat freebz), but skipped my matches to give Warframe a try instead.

    Warframe is no slouch. Played the first two missions. I'm already infatuated with it. Found out there's a fishing mechanic in it now, too, so I'm even more hoping that its appeal stays strong. :D
  6. CowRocket

    CowRocket Well-Known Member

  7. Tek7

    Tek7 CGA President, Tribe of Judah Founder & President Staff Member

    Wait, Warframe has fishing?

    /me immediately goes to check to see if he still has it installed on his gaming rig

    Nope. Uninstalled it.

    But fishing in games always grabs my attention, which makes no sense since I haven't been fishing since I was probably less than 10 years old. I don't know if there are any folks who remember a certain Christian gamers convention many years ago and a successful catch of a shark in Sega Marine Fishing..

    Bonus link: http://www.thedreamcastjunkyard.co.uk/2017/01/dreamcast-fishing-games-ultimate-guide.html
  8. Atown

    Atown Christian Gamers Alliance Amazon Store Manager

    I've looked for that video and haven't been able to find it :(
  9. Patriot

    Patriot Active Member

    I uninstalled Warframe after realizing the crazy farming required to get anything good from the Fields of Eidolon (sp?). I'm tired of farming in this game.

    Subnautica, being a pre-release game, has issues. I worked hard to get to the lava fields and ended up saving with my PRAWN suit on top of the containment facility. Upon restore, the following day, I found myself swimming above the facility with my suit buried in null space underneath me. I was too far from anything with air to survive the swim out so I resorted to console commands. I was still unsuccessful in retrieving the PRAWN suit so I teleported myself in the facility and did some exploring. Found out the game story line is not possible to complete yet. Game has been shelved for now.

    I installed TF2 to give it a spin after years of being dormant. Realized I can't play on Pub servers while my kids are watching...back to the game trash heap with you!

    Back to War Thunder...

    Star Wars: Battlefront II pre-installs on 11/10.
  10. Kendrik

    Kendrik Well-Known Member

    I've yet to give War Thunder a shot. Someday, I'd love to change that. So many games, though.

    Warframe has been a blast so far. I can see how the farming would be steep, but haven't hit a point where that offends my sensibilities yet. Oh, and fishing is more spear-fishing than rod-and-reel fishing, but it's fishing! Fishing is an instant sell for me on so many games, including Final Fantasy XV. I wanted it. Found out about fishing while it was on a big sale, and bought it right away. haha (I've yet to advance very far because I got to where there was fishing and sunk my time into it.)

    It's not Wednesday yet, but since I'm posting:

    My game time has mostly been Warframe, and it's still great so far. I'm learning more about how to use movement, and it's SO FUN. Seriously a sci-fi ninja right now.

    I've gotten my daily login chain for Brawlhalla and Paladins, but I haven't really played either in the last few days.

    Did play up through the first boss of Salt and Sanctuary, though, and that game also deserves appreciation. It gets compared to Dark Souls often, but it feels as much like Castlevania to me, even if the Souls comparison makes sense with regard to design theory and underlying mechanics.
  11. Tek7

    Tek7 CGA President, Tribe of Judah Founder & President Staff Member

    If you haven't already uninstalled TF2, you can join us on the ToJ TF2 server on Tuesday nights starting at 8:30 p.m. Central (9:30 p.m. Eastern, 6:30 p.m. Pacific)!
  12. Patriot

    Patriot Active Member

    I appreciate the offer, but I typically abandon the computer by 8:00 Central each night to spend time with my wife. The only regular exception is every two weeks my brother (and sometimes cousin) and I will game together (remotely) on Sunday night.
  13. Kendrik

    Kendrik Well-Known Member

    I've been under the weather, and have played Sleep more than much of anything else this last week. In non-video-gaming, I actually got to play Warmachine/Hordes for the first time this last week. Technically played the objective-skirmish spin-off game, Company of Iron, but it uses the same models and combat rules as its big brothers. Was a ton of fun.

    I've also started a new little project/endeavor, Adventures in F2P. I've restructured my personal blog to use for this gig. What is the gig? For the next month, I'm going to only play F2P games on PS4 (with a side of Android F2P). Why? To find out if there's enough good stuff, that stays good without throwing money at it, playable for free to people on very small gaming budgets that one can buy only initial hardware and never spend another cent without going crazy. You can follow my blog here: https://kennyyeager.wordpress.com/

    So far, I'm not anticipating any trouble. I was mostly playing F2P games anyway, Paladins, Brawlhalla, Warframe, and now getting back into Hearthstone.

    Honestly, Brawlhalla is getting more and more enjoyable as I get more familiar with characters and how they play. :D
  14. Patriot

    Patriot Active Member

    War Thunder

    Restarted Assassin's Creed: Syndicate (I was at 97% complete but couldn't find one of the helix glitches). Not sure if I am all that interested in running through it again. Made it through the first 3-4 missions.

    Came to the unfortunate realization that while Battlefront II installs on the 10th, it isn't playable until the 17th.
  15. Tek7

    Tek7 CGA President, Tribe of Judah Founder & President Staff Member

    So I'm not particularly proud of this, but I bought a gently used New 3DS XL last night as an upgrade to my Zelda edition 3DS XL. (It is an upgrade in function only, of course. I would argue that no handheld is more beautiful than the Zelda edition 3DS XL.)

    I picked up the unit itself plus Ocarina of Time 3D (if only @Odale were still around to chuckle at this humorous twist) and Pokemon OmegaRuby for a great price. I transferred my data from the 3DS XL to the New 3DS XL last night and started playing Metroid: Samus Returns on the newer unit shortly thereafter. I can confirm that the 3D is greatly improved on the newer unit.

    I've also been playing Super Mario Odyssey, sometimes by myself and sometimes with my older daughter, on the Switch. And we're loving it. The game is, so far, everything I expected it to be--and that's high praise coming from someone who's played Mario games for 32 years and had very high expectations of my $50 purchase.

    I'm still playing Puzzle & Dragons, too, but I'm scaling back my time with PAD to focus on offline responsibilities as well as other games, including those listed above. The core gameplay is still a lot of fun, but I'm at a point where there's more grind than game.

    Speaking of mobile games, I recently picked up Wordscapes after I saw my wife playing it on her phone. It's a fun little distraction and I was happy to drop $3 to get rid of the ads immediately after I downloaded and installed it. When I first started playing PAD, it was a single-player-only game and easy to pick up and put down. That all changed when they added co-op to the game. So it's a nice return to simple, relaxing bite-sized mobile gaming to pick up Wordscapes and play a puzzle or two at a time.
  16. Tek7@Work

    Tek7@Work CGA President, Tribe of Judah Founder & President

    I finished announcing my semi-retirement from Puzzle & Dragons on Monday. By "semi-retire," I mean that I'm not quitting the game, but I'll be playing much more casually.

    Still playing my daily puzzles in Wordscapes.

    I've been thoroughly enjoying Metroid: Samus Returns. I had high expectations for a 2.5D Metroid and the game has most certainly delivered, especially now that I can enjoy that fabled "Super Stable" 3D on the New 3DS XL I recently purchased.

    This week didn't see many opportunities to play Super Mario Odyssey, but I'm hoping to play for at least a short while with my older daughter tonight. I previously agreed I wouldn't explore new areas without her, but she was fine with me retreading old ground (and there's still a lot to collect in kingdoms where we've already cleared the major objective).

    Last night, I took Battlerite, the spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions, for a spin and enjoyed the tutorial. I'm hoping to recruit some folks in the CGA community to play with or against me some time. :)

    I also reinstalled Smite for the first time since I upgraded my desktop rig to Windows 10 and I'm hoping to join @Kendrik for a match or two soon.

    Back on the single-player front, I'm hoping to soon pick up where I left off in the StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void expansion pack campaign.

    So many great games, so little free time!
  17. Atown

    Atown Christian Gamers Alliance Amazon Store Manager

    I'm rolling with the 2ds/3ds with final fantasy world, final fantasy tactics a2 and theatrhythem with the wife and its been really fun :)

    I'm trying to go through Assassins Creed unity but team has not been my friend.

    admittedly, Niddhogg and Duck Game has been fun with friends.
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  18. Kendrik

    Kendrik Well-Known Member

    Nice, Atown. I should look for a super cheap copy of Final Fantasy World. But also, I know I wouldn't play it. XD

    I've been largely sticking to my guns of "no games but f2p games" experiment. Exception: Buddy paid for most of my copy of the new .hack//GU Last Recode remaster/collection, so I felt compelled to buy the rest. Game time has still be chiefly focused on f2p, though.

    When I'm not falling asleep before getting to gaming, I've been dabbling in many options:

    Started out on Eternal Card Game, and it's pretty neat so far. I prefer a number of things about Hex: Card Clash, but I get the sense that, as of now, Eternal is better. It's a nice blend between Magic and Hearthstone, arguably closer to the Magic end of the comparison. In any case, I haven't even gotten out of the tutorial yet. Mobile time has more likely gone to...

    Puzzle and Dragons. Yeaaaaah. Back on that wagon. For now, anyway. Saw there was a DC Universe/Justice League collab going, and I've missed the gameplay anyway, so I figured now was as good a time as any to get back on it. Turned out well. Had to start from scratch, but I have already gotten all of the drops from the DC Universe dungeon's lowest level. Luck favored me a great deal on that first run. Second one picked up the remainder. Feelsgoodman.

    Anyway, back to core gaming, which I keep falling asleep during: Started up Neverwinter again. It still plays great. I genuinely believe it's one of the best/most generous/open f2p MMOs on the market. With the way the markets work, you really could never spend a cent on the game and still not be want for content or experience. Also been making a little progress in Warframe, which I rather admire. It's pretty great. Not even a little bored of it yet, and I've barely touched the majority of content. The big open-world expansion (first one for the game) just hit consoles, too. Not that I'm anywhere near getting to play with it. haha

    Also, I've started downloading DC Universe Online on my PS4. Free to play is good. Add in that it's got endgame mission types meant for two people means I have a better chance of being able to play content without PUGs. And, I mean, there's also the part where I really like the game itself and its use of the brand. :D
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  19. CowRocket

    CowRocket Well-Known Member

    Hey folks, I found this really immersive "space game" you may have heard of it... EVE Online?
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