Zebedee's one week of play reflections


I started playing a bit more to witness....another server merge, Dark Crag gone?... o no! But wow, something interesting is happening...

I must say that the merge has caused some great benefits to fun for Warhammer because a lot of really good warband leaders are merging into IR and there's been 3+ king overthrows since the merge. (I know of atleast 2 Order and 1 Destro king attack)

Lots of warband coordination, zone flips, and insanely buffed characters out there. They've made it much easier to get the lesser warded equipment and although uncommon, the greater warded boots/gloves do drop randomly. No more fort sieges means so many city PQs and guess what.....the city didn't bug out at all when I played. I can't give a lag update for those with slower connections, however, since I run on cable internet.

Even though the player base has dropped, the server merge of the faithful and competent players has been a great benefit amidst gloomy external circumstance.

People would typically hear me whine about RvR zergs but I must say that the RvR has been very fun in tier 4 these last few days. The zergs don't engage the zergs typically unless a zone lock is in jeapordy so there's less feelings of futility out there amongst players.

More to come as I play and observe. I got my WH to 40 and I'm 'thinking' about leveling my lvl 35 AM to lvl 40 too.