Your Ninja Gaiden Review was whack:(


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Why do you call this place Christ Centered Game Reviews if, in your reviews, actual gameplay aspects( Gameplay, Sound, Graphics, Controls) are not a factor in the overall rating. Lets say an A=1 point and a F=0 as in school. The average 4/5 is an 80% which is a B-. Plus the game is not that innapropriate. Don't call it CCGR if actual gameplay related issues carry no weight. BTW giving a turd such as enter the matrix a better overall rating than NG is a sin.
Also this angry icon looks satanic, which is ironic lol.
chill everyone is entitled to their own opinion. From what I've seen CCGR is a christian site, so they have the right to say if they think the game is inappropriate or not. It might be appropriate to u, but the person who reviewed it thought differently.
Maybe their more concervative. Its their opinion, maybe u write your own review on the game and see what they think about it.
I think it's a great game.  I beat it once, and I'm about to beat it again.  It does have some appropriateness issues, but they don't really bother me.  Mainly gore, but I don't really notice it.  I would've given it a higher overall score, but that's just me.  I'm not at all angry with Tolkein for it.  I'm happy that he gave his honest opinion, even though many people have hated on him because of it.
About my review:

The game is well made and fun to play, but I don't feel that it is appropriate for Christians.  If you are a discerning Christian and want to play it, that is between you and God.
CHRIST-CENTERED game reviews. If you want a review on the actually gameplay, there are dozens of places to find that. But this isn't specifically about the gameplay obviously.
Yup.  There are TONS of reviews giving it at least near-perfect scores.  Almost anywhere you look, actually.  But then one person disagrees, and everyone freaks out.  Why the heck do people have to come and whine about someone's opinion being different than theirs?  Argh it's so annoying.  Sorry for venting.
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Quote[/b] (Tolkien @ July 13 2004,8:36)]...If you are a discerning Christian and want to play it, that is between you and God.
Excellent quote! I agree with you completely!
Yes, that is always the real answer. CCGR is there to let you know what exactly is in the game, so you have a perspective and can make a decision based on all of the facts.